WikiTrader ( cannot be tested on demo account first

After looking into the website and also the member’s area of Wiki Trader, we don’t recommend this to our readers. While the software itself claims that it is free on the website, the truth is, WikiTrader is actually NOT free. If you are looking for a real software that works, we highly recommend Option Robot, since you can test the water first with the demo account, in other words, fake money, before depositing real money on the line.

The person in video, Kelly Wallace is obviously an actor

In case you didn’t know, there are tons of similar binary options apps before using actors and pretend as entrepreneurs/traders. The same goes for WikiTrader video. Whoever that Kelly Wallace is, obviously she is an actor and pretending to be a real trader. The income claim for WikiTrader, while it sounds achievable, but the truth is, the results could be vary depending on the people who are using this software.

Is WikiTrader really free?

Short answer: No. When they mentioned that you will have free access, it is just a trap to lure you into signing up for their newsletter. Once inside, you will be taken to the WikiTrader app dashboard where you need to deposit money inside the recommended broker.

Do you want to make money on autopilot? Yeah, WikiTrader is an auto trading app

This app promised you that you can make money on autopilot by using the WikiTrader app. In other words, you need to deposit $250 and then let this software trade for you.

The problem is, most people don’t understand that this kind of apps doesn’t guarantee the high winning rate. It all depends on how you use this software. Too bad WikiTrader app doesn’t have some kind of settings to control your risk, budget and lets alone the type of indicators that you need to use.

Now, in case you didn’t know, these type of trading software works on certain indicators, such as relative strength index (RSI), MACD, and more. In other words, if the indicators confirm that the trend is going up, then you simply choose call. Otherwise, if you think that the trend is going down, then choose put.

Do you want to withdraw now? Good luck

The recommended broker for Wikitrader is actually Algo Star which is not a regulated broker. You can grab some information about Algo Star here. Some people claim that they can withdraw their fund from unregulated binary options brokers, but some others don’t.

While we don’t want to argue about that, you should know that unregulated broker is not safe, compared to regulated ones. Regulated binary options or forex brokers allow their traders to withdraw fund from their trading accounts, unregulated ones usually not.

Algo Star is not regulated

In case you didn’t know, lots of payment processors and online trading brokers are actually regulated. In other words, they get the government’s seal of approval first, such as license numbers before operating their business.

Usually, regulated forex or binary options brokers will get their license from CySEC or FSA before running their business. Their license numbers will be mentioned in their about page of the website. Too bad, we cannot find any license numbers in Algo Star website.

The truth about products like Wikitrader

If you want to make real money online, in other words, starting a real business, then Wikitrader is not for you. This app is actually geared for people who are looking for easy money. In other words, they want the money to come real fast, quick and most importantly, they must be free.

Too bad, in this world, there is no such a thing. If you want to get rich, then keep on learning and putting tons of effort into your ventures.

Where to go from now?

We highly recommend that you sign up for a real, regulated brokers or at least find trading software which can be tested on the demo accounts first, before putting your hard earned cash on the line. There are only a few of them being reviewed all over the web.

Our top recommended app

We highly recommend that you check out our top recommended app, that is Option Robot. For a few reasons:

1. You can try this software on the demo accounts first before putting real money on the line. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all users will achieve the same results as all other users. Some people will have a high winning rate, some others don’t.

2. This app can be tested on demo accounts first. In other words, you don’t need to spend a dime to learn and get familiar with this app.

3. You don’t need to choose or stick with any specific binary options brokers. You can choose whatever binary options broker that you like since this app comes with features that you can use to trade with. Yes, the binary brokers are regulated.

4. No hype sales letter on the website, such as make $1000 per day or something like that. This is not a magic wand or something like that. Like being mentioned before, nobody can guarantee a high winning rate for every single user who jumps into this app, because it all depends on how you use this software.

5. You can find tutorials on how to use Option Robot on Youtube, so rest assured, you are not alone. Test the tactics first and then start profiting from this app.

Prove My Profits is nothing but another binary options scam. While the website, videos, actors and even the real software looks professionally designed, Prove My Profits itself won’t be making you the money.

Wow! $498 561 per month. PROVEN. Did you believe that?

Now, if you looked at the sales video of Prove My Profits for 2 minutes, anyone would want to believe that they are going to make you that kind of money. Prove My Profits is obviously geared for beginners who are new to make money online and internet business.

This is obviously a newbie trap

You see, there are tons of people who are new to making money online and looking for push button software all over the web. These newbies are actually too lazy to learn how to trade stock markets or forex from scratch that they are willing to pay and do anything in order to get rich quick. Yes, scam trading app like these had been around since 2014 and there is no sign of stopping. Prove My Profits really fulfill what any newbies always wanted – easy money, the money must be as quick as possible and then they must be free.

Prove My Profits is actually about binary options auto trading app

You might already familiar with this, but Prove My Profits is actually about binary options trading. This is somewhat different from trading stocks where you buy or sell stocks. Prove My Profits is actually about choosing call or put options when you think that the asset is going up or down.

Is Prove My Profits really free?

The answer is, just like tons of binary options scams we’ve seen before, Prove My Profits dashboard is actually free to access, as long as you entered the correct phone numbers and email address. However, the problem is, in order to make this app trade for you, in other words, for this software to be activated, you need to deposit money into the recommended broker, Capital Markets Banc.

The good news is the dashboard of Prove My Profits is actually quite professionally designed

In case you are curious, you can access the dashboard of Prove My Profits for free. Below is how Prove My Profits dashboard looks like: As you can see, if you are looking for an auto trading app, there is the button inside Prove My Profits that might help. By just pressing the button, this software will automatically trade binary options, with the chosen assets. Anyone with zero knowledge about web design, hosting and graphic design will be impressed with the dashboard of Prove My Profits. It will display the acocunt number, as well as the link to contact the customer support.

Can you become rich with Prove My Profits?

Short answer: No. In fact, we will be surprised if you could ever make a dime with this software. The reason is simple: Prove My Profits trading app will drain your money. Sometimes, you can expect to get lots of winning rates, sometimes you can expect to lose a lot of times. Also, the recommended brokers by Prove My Profits is actually not regulated. When we checked the member’s area of Prove My Profits, the associated binary broker is called Capital Markets Banc and based off our investigation, this binary options broker is not yet regulated.

I’m new to binary options trading. What does regulations means?

Simply put, regulations means that the binary broker must have some kind of license to operate their business. Regulated brokers obey the law and will refund your money once you’ve asked, unregulated once does not. This rule is actually true for all payment processors and almost all type of credit card processors. Usually, the regulated binary options brokers obtain their license from government agencies, such as CySEC (in Cyprus), ASIC (Australia) or FSA (UK).

How to find real binary options products that works

Real binary options software and brokers must be regulated. Then, you must be able to test the software itself on demo accounts first, before putting real money on the line. In case you didn’t know, there are tons of binary options brokers as well as forex brokers offering demo accounts to their clients. Real binary options products must have several settings not only to trade with different indicators, but also to control your risk as good as you can. In other words, real binary options software must look like this:



Where to go from now?

We highly recommend that you check out our #1 recommended software, Option Robot, which is free to test on demo accounts. You can click here to read more information as well as tutorial about how to use Option Robot, or here to browse straight away to Option Robot homepage.