Summary of Code Fibo product
Product name: Code Fibo
What it is: Binary options trading robot. A real software.
Accuracy: 85% – 95%
Requirements: Investment from your part, a little time and money. Plus, a computer or phone with web connection.
Can it be automated: Short answer, yes.
How it works: Based on fibonacci theory. This is one method commonly used in trading stocks.
Verdict – scam or real: Legit software


Code Fibo – we are glad that this software really works
code-fibo-videoIt’s very rare lately that we found a real, no hype software created by real traders and not someone who’s trying to rip people off. Code Fibo is one real, legit software that just hit the market. With accuracy of 85% – 97%, Code Fibo is the one that you should go after.

Who is behind Code Fibo software?
Professor Matthew Louise is the owner the brains behind the Code Fibo software. For the past five years, he has been researching and then testing the markets to find out a real system to further assist his lower income students in achieving their financial goals. Until recently, while he also helped his students trade manually, and most of them still prefer to use Code Fibo software to trade on a daily basis. His objective was to create a system which does not only have a high percentage winning rate, but also works anywhere within all possible market conditions.

What kind of traders didn’t know Fibonacci?
If you are into trading for 2 minutes, probably you’ve heard about Fibonacci retracement. These are points where traders will look at to close their positions or perhaps wait for certain news to be announced. Code Fibo actually follows the Fibonacci strategy. Professor Matthew Louise has discovered something that can only be explained as a natural phenomenon. These incredible numbers are the things that made world goes round and lots of evidence about those can be found all over the web.

Features of Code Fibo
1. Qualified and Experienced Developers
The Code Fibo App was developed by 2 individuals with relevant knowledge and experience. For example, Matthew Lewis, who is the co founder worked for Planet IQ company where he specialized in upgrading the systems. He also engaged in creating and analyzing data. Now, if you are into forex trading for a few minutes, you should realize by now that trading and mathematics are somewhat identical.

2. This system has at least 85% winning rate.
That is because the Code Fibo system itself is integrated with some of the best weather prediction satellites. This feature alone enables them to make prediction accurately generating Code Fibo signals to make more winning trades. For example, if you place 10 trades, you will win 8 trades.
3. You can earn around $89 – $150 per day with Code Fibo.
According to the video presentation, the Code Fibo App can generate $89 in one hour and $4500 every week. This is not just hype. It has been tested by various binary options software testers around the web.

3. Customer support included. And it is responsive as well.
This part is one of the most important in our opinion. The very reason why some people fail at trading and most thing related to making money online, is becuase the products lack of customer support. While those products could be good, but without great support, newbies to trading will fail. Code Fibo, on the other hand is different. There is always people who will answer your questions on the other side.

4. Friendly interface that you can navigate and understand.
This Code Fibo app comes with an easy to understand, friendly user interface. Therefore, rest assured, this program is super easy to use. You don’t need prior knowledge about trading to understand on how binary options works and how you can make profit out of it.

5. Runs on complete auto pilot mode
This Code Fibo software runs on complete auto pilot. It means that this program will open and then execute accurate trades for you. You don’t have to do much. Which is why, it is very ideal even for people who are busy to turn on their PC and then earn real income online. This feature alone makes Code Fibo well worth the investment.

6. Free for the first 90 days.
This software is currently free for 90 days period of time. Those who are interested in making real money using this system can join in, free of charge. However, once the 90 day period expires, you are requires to pay $790 per month for the license. However, this is not a problem since by the 90th day, you should already have tons of money, thanks to Code Fibo software.

7. Minimum deposit for Code Fibo software is $250.
We would be lying if this software doesn’t require you to deposit money. Yes, you need to start with $250 investment in order to use this program. However, this is indeed very little, compared to what you are going to get with Code Fibo app everyday.

Verdict – Is Code Fibo a scam?
Short answer – no. Code Fibo is a real, legit system to make you money. This is not a scam and unlike other garbage products out there, it didn’t use fake actors or testimonials. This is a real, legit system that works. Plus, it has been tested by various binary options authority sites, and have rave reviews on Google.


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