10K In 7 Days is a SCAM!

New cheat in market has been launched recently, 10k in 7 days. Who is the CEO, big mystery yet to solve? Some imaginary “Chip Green” address this scam with group of con artist flooding your inbox with email invitations! This funny Chip character is itself contradictory and uncertain to what he claims for his system. He claims that you will make $10,000 in 7 days for free, in very other moment he says he is not your well-wisher, do this Chip- think of us as foolish, not to get his straight silly reverse psychology trick!  As we are experts in declaring any cheap trick in the market as scam- do he think we will let our folks fall for his nauseous joke! This time beware CHIP!

His cheap lead begins and gets worse with his continuous loud-mouthed, old swaying tricks. We are sure enough to say that this system 10k in 7Days is a complete scam. This scam appears so dumb after exposing many of them, it sounds as if same con taking different getups very next week. It is laughableto watch 15 different websitesposting good reviews on 10k in 7 Days- Same day! These smart people think that creating 15 websites for us, to make sure you register in their system! Hold on guys! This is completely to confuse your intuit, check and look out every small detail before putting your faith in this.


Watching the video is like watching a cartoon show where they GPS their location. This Chip Green character narrates his location in a very silly manner, showing screenshots of his bank account and making his 10k while enjoying his trip to ancient Mayan Pyramid on Yucatan Peninsula. He sounds like some nerd locked himself in a closet to prepare a software to deceive newbies in binary trading. His childish reveals’ continue to make you laugh more, than trust his system- he says- his last two weeks were in Puerto Vallarta with his Playboy and what he quotes is “partying my skull off”.  He likely appear as a teenager who created this system to Scam beginners, not at a single point he sounds like a real trader…….10k in 7 Days is a sure Scam. It might entice some newbies in online trading, this is hard struck WARNING! To them. If from anywhere you get invitation email, do first thing first, UN-subscribe it ASAP before you get other fraud mails, because this is a continuous chain of cons and they will spam you until get surrender to their cheap tricks.

Watching further the video, gives you disgusting feeling- whole crap is filled with reverse psychology, humiliating you every now and then with “where are you enjoying your dinner? Are you at five star?” It looks luring to newbies in trading but guys this is the very old and cheap trick of marketing. In the real world no rich humiliate poor for your lifestyle, it happens only in movies. This proves this Chip Green guy is none other than a teenagers who has the experience in silly school pranks. 10kin7days.co is a filthy website and deserve negative reviews to be posted as soon as possible, so to prevent target people to get victimized.  Please post your comment as many as possible to rank over their fake created websites and help others to stop making mistake by registering in 10kin7days.co. If you are in same business as ours, do broadcast this scam to as many people as you can and save them from these con-artist.

Their search for bunch of 25 members to invest? Is a total crap! The mass email solicitation and fake reviews contradict the fact that it is for some 25 lucky members, this is a hunger game! Hide your wallet deep inside your wardrobe, before they find their way to steal your hard earned dollars, with their cheap psychology game. The only truth the video says is that, Dear Chip spends his weekend with hookers in Mexico. Winding up the review about 10k in 7 Days with a strong alarming WARNING! Close this website ASAP! It doesn’t worth your time and money.

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