3 Week Millionaire is a SCAM!!!

A couple of few days ago, one new binary option service was launched with the name 3 Week Millionaire. According to them, you can earn $1,000,000 within 3 weeks and there’s no limit to that. You can even earn more than that using their software. The system will earn you more money if you invest more money. As they say, almost all the users invests minimum of $250-$300 that earns them $800-$1000 everyday! And if you can invest $1000, then you might earn $2,500 every day. But that’s still not enough to make you a millionaire in one week. Even if you’re earning $2,500 every day, then you’ll make $52,500 in one week.

So what should we do? Well, the creators of 3 Week Millionaire have a solution for you. As they say, if you invest around $20,000-$25,000, then you’ll become a millionaire within three weeks! Folks, please don’t even invest $25 in this scam, because at the end, you’re surely going to lose all of them. These promises of the 3 Week Millionaire is too good to be true and it indicates clearly that this is scam.

Even on 3 Week Millionaire, you’ll find a backward clock timer, starting from 10 and rapidly decreasing to “1 left”, so that you still have the chance to view their videos and materials of this scam. So you can take a break, and you will not lose the spot, and even if you think you will, then just refresh the page. You’ll be again gifted with the 10 spots! That’s one more sign of fake software. When you’ll try to exit this site, you’ll be seeing a pop-up urging you to sign up with them and if not then at least watch the video before leaving. And still if you want to exit, they’ll again give you a pop-up to stop you from exiting. Such frustrating features are present in every scam.


They’ll beg you to try their software. The creator will beg you to sign up with them. Next, they’ll show you the pictures of different people using their software and how they earned $10,000 using it. The creator is shown giving check of $10,000 to his members and saying “for no other reason rather than the fact that I like to help people in need…” Oh, yeah, we do believe you scammer! “I like to help people in losing money” is more appropriate to you! Another nice line from him says that he’s a big donator. He likes to help people and he does this by donating money to organizations that helps the blind and kids with cancer and the ones who provides shelter to homeless. He says that you might have seen him in news delivering checks of $10,000 to such organization. We love watching news every day, but we may have missed the news showing the 3 Week Millionaire’s producer helping organization. We even Googled him and we were not surprised at all in finding no proofs of him donating money or even mentioning anything in news about 3 Week Millionaire in any of the news channels across the globe.

Why they’re giving $10,000 checks? That’s because that’s what they’re making with every click from this software. This is another lie from his creator. Don’t believe him. It is impossible to make such amount of money from something working on autobots. And even if you do earn money with this software, still the brokers assigned to you by 3 Week Millionaire are so pathetic that you’ll never be able to withdraw money from your account. Please always work with a fully EU regulated broker like TopOption.com and always choose a trustworthy signal service such as those available on the Watcher’s trusted signal services. To make a final call, 3 Week Millionaire is a complete scam!

3 Week Millionaire is a SCAM. If you are serious about making money with binary options, we highly recommend that you read about our top rated product, Mike’s Auto Trader..

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