50K Mission is a SCAM!! An Honest Review!

Today we’re really going to blow the 50K Mission scam into pieces, created by David Howell! As usual, you can see lots of common appearing blogs promoting this scam. You can also notice that they’ll recommend you all the newly launched binary option services and software too, stating them as “Highly credible”! Finally after much research, we found a review by Michael Freeman and one more caution posted on the ObjectivebinaryOptions.com. These two have enough proofs to conclude that 50K Mission is a “scam”. Even after our and other’s efforts, we still receive mails from people who have fallen for this scam and lost all their money within few hours. It’s a viral scam and adversely many new traders are signing-up with this scam and investing money in it. The rest warnings were not enough to shut down this scam and hence we decided to end the 50K Mission scam once and for all, hoping that your comments and shares, will completely throw this system out of business! We don’t want to see more people now, investing money in this bogus system named 50K Mission. Please don’t let your temptation lead you to bankruptcy.

Let’s start with the first declaration from the 50KMission.com video saying “12 months ago, a covert group of Wall Street investors opened the doors to a few lucky people, giving them a chance to earn in one day more than most people earn in one month.” This story is a total crap! Nobody can fall for this but if you’re a newbie, then there are chances that you might fall for it! Please understand this: There’s no connection between Wall Street and Binary Options Trading.

As per the creators of 50K Mission, “this clandestine group of traders is looking for exactly 25 brave new people to test the newest version of their technology.” Come on folks, let’s face it! Are we really going to believe this crap? Why do we need to be courageous, if this is genuine software that can help us in earning money? You only need to be stupid and not brave to use this scam!


As per David Howell, the so-called creator of the scam 50K Mission claims in the video that there is only “25 spots available”. Based upon our counting skill, the number of reports we received from the people who were scammed by this system and the ones posted in other sites, we can conclude that, we got our total figure more than 25! Can you explain David that how many people are allowed to use your system? The real answer is that there are limitless spots. They just want you to sign-up with them quickly without giving it a second thought. That’s a common sales trick that you can see with almost every scam systems we review.

Though we post warnings many times, we still receive mails from those less fortunate people who have fallen for this scam and signed up with the 50K Mission by David Howell and other such frauds. If you want to earn genuinely in binary option system, then please stop believing on such shortcuts. You need to put your best efforts for earning money from binary options. For the start, you can work with a Free Demo Account and after you learn the basics and start earning some profit, you can then go for real trading account and invest money in it. You need to open your account with a fully EU regulated broker only, like TopOption.com. You only need $100 to start with it, which is one of its many benefits.

If you’re looking for trustworthy brokers, then you can check out our Watcher’s Recommended Signals services and communities. And as always, we’ll be happy to solve your queries on the review and you’re always welcome to share your views and comments on the review. If you’re victim of 50K Mission, then please share your reviews on our site below to make more and more people aware about this scam.

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