6 Reasons Why 6K in 6 Clicks is a Scam


6k in 6 Clicks! Sounds seducing right? Why not you and I are sitting here in the wish of earning quick and of course a big fat amount and if that too comes by sitting on couch then it is enticing- Isn’t it?
And there comes our friend Matt Simpson with his clever software 6k in 6 clicks. I am sure you are reading this review just for the two reasons, either you are new to the world of binary trade earning or you have already struck with the storm of binary option from other forge site and don’t want to experience it again.

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6k in 6 clicks is nothing more than just another scam to get your hard earn money by striking your emotions with the fake examples in its sales video. Good part of this video is you can pause it, watch it on YouTube and from our side exit it anytime. Surprisingly video shoots the experiences of some fake actors, who claim earning through from this site.
Before we get you to their tricky plans, we recommend you to put your wallet and credit card back in your cupboard there is no need of them.

Let start with the video

Video starts with the very tempting question- “Do you want to get rich quickly?”
If yes! Then I welcome you my friend Matt Simpson

Hi Matt- Matt is a 41 year old married father. He has two daughter. He too struggle in his early life in terms of money, and now you can see his millions in his bank account.
So what is his secret?
So now 6k in 6 clicks starts its journey

Matt says his story- he set his own online world and his online trading team, including software developers, investors and entrepreneur. And now his company is worth today $100 million.
Matt had planned to close his trading group before he met Brad. Who is Brad? Brad is his “Online friend”. Brad is the victim in the trading world and lost his $ 10,000 over past years and requested Matt to re-joins his online trading work. Below is the picture of Brad, who is too narrating his story in the video.
Brad invited Matt to build a software for everyday folks which could help them make money quick and easy. He asked him to help folks like him, who are exhausted being cheated from the sites providing online binary option. Even though video says that Matt don’t need money and asked to keep his bank balance gain aside and help them.
So, our Matt re-joins his team and within 18 months of hard efforts and good investors he came up with his team- the all new binary option software- “6k in 6 clicks”.
In the video Matt demo his software and narrate- “yeah it literally takes 6 clicks to install the set-up, and I challenged it with my $250”. After few hours our Matt came back and check his account and says- “he found 6,332.74 in his account”.
Matt and his trading group kept their software online and earning millions. They tried their software by giveand guesses what they are showing surprising results.
To the beginners you must be thinking what is binary options trading? And how it is done?
So, binary option is nothing just betting on given stock, commodity etc. You can say that it is like placing you money on some commodity or stock etc. and either it goes up or down in some time frame. If your bet strike the bull- eye you win otherwise you lose and of course also your bet money too.
Like the gambling point of view, mostly traders in binary option trading uses software to uncover the given stock status, will it rise or lose its value.
And here comes the 6k in 6 click system software to get you dollars flowing in your account and make you rich in just 6 click of your mouse.


It is a smart play with cool software in the hands of shrewd minds.
End of the video Matt and his team commanded that they are releasing their software for another 40 user. Quite tricky! Isn’t it? God knows why only 40 when they can make millions on autopilot.
Now you might be thinking why you shouldn’t buy this software, I will give you reasons to that, just follow my lead.
Why you should exit from 6k in 6 click window?
1. Guys Brad is an Actor. Don’t fall in the words of fake Brad. He is an actor who charge $5 to sell the testimonial on Fiverr. His story is not what is shown in the video.
2. Have you notice that Paypal Account. Common who you kidding, no brokerage transfer money from trading account to paypal account. Brokerage is the lead idea where the video takes you, so it is clearly a forge click, since no brokerage wire funds to Paypal, they do directly in bank account.
3. What is the point of having affiliate links? There are many positive reviews about 6k in 6 clicks trading option, many of them ends up with an affiliate links. No idea what is the point of earning commission through affiliate links, when this software can make money on autopilot!
4. Why Clicksure is holding 6k in 6 click. Cilcksure is another associated network that too present many scam products, not all the products are a scam but many are. A $250 is paid as commission to affiliate to get more and more user to sign-up. Now, how you can put your trust in such an online trading and of course on that review.
5. Brokerage for 6k in 6 clicks is BinaryBook. Let me guide you BinaryBook is a very risky brokerage because. It is not the USA or Canada based it is based in somewhere Gibraltar, international based brokers are recognised as irregular and risk your money.
6. Free software comes in $250. Matt Simpson claim that 6k in 6clicks is a free software. Then what is the issue with the minimum registration charge of $250 through BinaryBook. Not all this you cannot claim your bonus amount until you put more money in more trade.
On the concluding note 6kin 6 click is just another trading scam. The only earners from this scam are the brokerage as brokerage commission of this of this software who charge you money $250 to open an account. Scammer get your money and you are left nothing but a bad quick storm experience.

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