7 Figure Club is a SCAM!!!

“Oh no, there’s only 1 more spot left” refresh your screen and the problem will be fixed with the “7 figure Club” scam site! This is fake software developed for binary options and for those who want to earn money online. Who does not want to earn a seven figure income? But you’ll surely lose your money if you sign-up with the 7figureclub.co. This website is chargeable and is a scam too.

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Firstly, do you think that you can actually earn $1,000,000 with successful software of the signal, that too in 27 days? If you have brains, and if you use it little bit here, you’ll need no one to tell you that this is a scam. Averagely they promise you $37,000 of profit earning every day. If you think that this free software can earn you $37,000 every day, then you might need to pay a visit to Dr Phil.


Does anyone know Martin Taylor? We did not find the supposed creator of scam “7 Figure Club” anywhere on the Google and surely not found on the Better Business Bureau website. Even the grade F for this scam is much superior and of course, they’ll need to pay a lot to the BBB to become accredited member. On the other hand, the 7 Figure Club is recognized only on the review sites that promote such scams; you’ll never find the positive review of this scam on any trustworthy and authorized binary option portals and forums. This scam is absolutely fake and targets newbies majorly as they’re new in business and wants to earn money quickly. If you’re really interested in binary trading, then forget about $1,000,000 in 27 days. Such scams who promise you of thousand dollars profits are nothing more than a scam and cons that’ll eat up your money and tie you up with bogus brokers. Of course, you can earn profits in binary trading, but not with such software.

This led us to the second problem. If you’ve already have signed up with the 7 Figure Club, then you’re already in deep mess as all the brokers that website offered you are nothing but cheaters. You might ask that “Why would they partner with scams?” Only a bogus broker would sign up with such scams. In binary trading, you must sign-up with the EU regulated and authorized brokers. As reputation is very important, you may find reputed brokers easily. But even the unregulated brokers will be in huge quantity that will only lose your money. So don’t invest money on the companies that are not reputed. Do not sign up with the 7 Figure Club or any other site that is promoting this scam.

We hope that none of you have fallen for this trap and if you have, then please share your reviews here so that as many people as possible can know about this scam. If you want to start trading in binary option, then start with a Free Demo Account and use Free Live charts like MetaTrader4.com. You can also check out the Watcher’s recommended binary options brokers for the regulated brokers.

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