Authentic Profits: Opposite of Authentic


Authentic Profits is nothing except the Scam!

There are thousands of Binary Options marketers out there who will just go to any limits to get commissions.

They’ll do anything to sign you up on their brokers to make few bucks by simply lying to you about whatever they’ll acclaim or promise. And then they’ll just deliver you a rotten stack of Binary Software.

And one of the latest additions to these scams is the Authentic Profits who is a so-called Binary Options System, which will make you all promises to earn you the wealth but you’ll end up in nothing but on a rock of lies.

The Pitch

The design of the Authentic Profits is just like any other professional websites and you may get impressed easily on the first look.

You would be little surprised at the pace moving images of the “Profit generated by members” section showing you huge numbers in the money. Would feel the same surprise when I say that these numbers are pretty fakes and are just the results of simple coding on the computer?

You must be and that’s the truth behind this scam!

Remember Matt Ellington, the star of the Authentic Profits? Well, as they say he’s not much social and does not talk to public on forums or blogs which is a smart way to back up his non-existing profile. That way he wouldn’t be traced and hence no proof for his fake identity!

Even the bank statements they showed is not real. Such statements could be easily hacked and easily available from any other such Binary Options systems.

The Testaments which we see are the easiest way to gain trust of the people. People likely believe on such social spoofs and hence the chances of people joining the software increases.

The images you see on the site are also just randomly picked up from the internet and they even change the locations of these according to your location. Too much fake, isn’t it?

Authentic Profits have questioning process:

  • Robotic scheme
  • Looks for trade
  • Penetrate into trades
  • Algorithm does work
  • Make profit


We should not forget that anything working on robotic process is never trustworthy especially in money matters.

Stock brokers would have been a history if the robotic systems were enough to work into the binary market.

There is no such software in the Binary Market that can forecast the accurate results for the Binary Options traders. At the best you can get only a nonspecific Binary Trading Software which can only make best predictions, but remember folk, they’re predictions!

Then they show the live trade data on the screen. This fake data gets launched in another site that is just another proof of this scam. All the figures you see in that list in nothing except code generated numbers that had never happened in actual life.


The Authentic Profits Video

The Authentic Profits video is all loaded with the method and tricks to fall into the trap of greed for the wealth.

The system promotes that you can become a big millionaire quickly with earning $10,000 a day!

Do you actually believe that straight lie?! The Third Party Verification Company has also termed them alleged. And guess who? Trade Verify of course!

But who the hell is Trade Verifier? We actually don’t know anything about them! No address, company registration number or anything! The images and the trade numbers they show are just like the Authentic Profits and they’re undoubtedly liars too!

Another proof you can check it yourself. The video shows the tweet from a person named Jay Brock (@jay110brock). Go check it on Twitter! We bet you’ll never find it.

Then they’ll just make you realize about your current condition by mentioning about your empty bank account, small house and beaten up car by comparing them with the luxurious life. Pretty Lies!

Then they just pop up with the fake photos and bank accounts posing them as the real people and bank accounts! Do these images verify that Authentic Profits help you in making money? These over the top images, bank accounts and video just make me say that they themselves have proof of their fakeness.

After completing their compelling story of the Binary trade’s tricks and tips, they show random images of people and money and how their lives changed on using the Authentic Profits in a miraculous way. And how they turned into billionaires from a penny less person!

All these things only shout out loudly that this is a scam just like all the other Binary Option Scam flooded in the internet.

Rest of the video just forces you to buy the software promoted by the Authentic Profits and how you can become instantly rich with that.


The Bottom Line

Authentic Profits is for the people who want to believe in these lies and make money instantly using these scam software.

There’s no such software that can actually help you in investing your precious money without high risk and without falling into the traps of such liars.

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