Awesome Income App by Mr. Gold is a SCAM!

Travis Gold launched a new scam named Awesome Income App on 13th August, 2015. As they claim, the Awesome Income App has the retail price of $1999.9 but it’s absolutely free today! Yay! But folks please keep this in mind that Awesome Income App was never and will never ever be on sale for $1999.9. It will be free every day! The word “Discount” is just to attract you to not to miss this free offer today. And it’s just like all the other usual scams. They too have a countdown timer similar to all other scams. You’ll be given 33 minutes to enter your details like name and email address. But there’s no need to hurry. Spare few minutes to read this review carefully and even when the timer counts to 0, you’ll be able to sign up with Awesome Income App Scam.

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As the tag line of video( Click on this link to check out this video says “Awesome Income App is for leaders and not followers,” When you’ll finish this video, you’ll feel “even followers will become leaders”. Sounds exciting hah? And then you’re screen will be bombarded with the fancy images of bungalows, sports cars, beaches, sexy ladies, etc. “Stop watching now” if the words “money” and “freedom” scare you, which is again an attractive line to remind you that you need them desperately than they need you. They even use lines like “they’re quite strict about who they let in” in their e-mails to advertise “Awesome Income App”. Do you actually believe this? Everybody is invited to the party to lose their money.


Travis Gold keeps on saying that “Everything you ever learned about binary options is garbage, complete trash. I’ve been there myself so I know how easy it is to fall for some of the bogus claims these fake gurus are making… you’ll never make money with that CRAP.” Not at all folks, we’re stealing your money, aren’t we? “Complicated jargon and charts, lagging or delayed signals, unreliable software, shady brokers, and poor customer support.”

So let’s check out the list of things on Awesome Income Apps that will help you to lose your money. All the intricate terminologies and the charts will not help you in binary options if you don’t have the basic knowledge of the trade and you can’t even track the signals. Lagging or tardy signals? This makes us surprised that he has fallen for which signals. Fake software= Awesome Income App! Fake and unreliable brokers are the only brokers you’ll ever meet on the Awesome Income App, if signed up. And they’ll even give you 100% free bonus even if you didn’t ask for just to keep you away from opting out from their software. You might be lucky to get their response before signing up. So after finding this is a scam and that you should have read the Watcher’s review on it, you’ll not be able to contact any of the members from the Awesome Income App, once you deposit the money.

The Awesome Income App is not at all Awesome! It’s a scam like all other scams. If you’re really serious for trading in binary options, then don’t lookout for shortcuts, instead do the real efforts. You need to learn and understand a lot about the binary market and start your practice by signing up with a free demo account. Once you get sure about your knowledge on the binary market, you can then work with any registered and legitimate broker having better customer services. Or else, you’ll definitely have problems in withdrawing your earnings. Check the Watcher’s trusted binary options brokers list. And you can even check the Watcher’s recommended signals services.

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