Binary Assassin is a SCAM!!

BinaryAssassin is a new scam by “James Ruskin” and “Martin Nielsenis”. BinaryAssassin is a scam and it was not tough to decide upon it. Hence, we didn’t think that anybody would fall into this so obvious con. But as usual there are many people who fall into this trap and ask about it to us. So, it became necessary to write a review on this scam and make people aware about this scam software.

You can see the lies on the main page of itself. They obviously have wrong big figures to impress you along with the big fake names of their traders and their impressive clicks. The results displayed by them are also fake and stolen. We gathered around 10 such spoofs of this scam, but we’re going to mention a couple from them just to give you a solid instance.

“We’re going to Tokyo” by their so-called famous trader named “Stephen Castillo” is none other than Iain Campbell. You can check him out on this link:

Another example of this great spoof is the image saying “I double my money every trade” of “Karen Skeens” that can be found at many places on internet like this one:

And you can find many such others on the internet if you dig deeper. The images displayed on are actually the models and actors that do their jobs of acting. Many of them may or may not know that these images of them are used by BinaryAssissns to fool people. They are not any traders. This is one of the distinctive features of any scams that we have reviewed till date.

After scanning images, we moved on to the Frequently Asked Question page. And guess what? As usual, the BinaryAssassin has spread their fake promises on every sentence! One of the lines had “I made almost $2.5 million in just 12 months from just one of my accounts with the software and you can do exactly the same.” Can we please get here real, people? Another classic question they added to lure people is “What if I don’t understand something or need help?” and the answer was as expected “We offer free lifetime customer support to ensure that you succeed.” But the fact is way too far from this lie. You’ll never get to be in touch with them as soon as you deposit your money. And then, even if you ask them to deposit later they’ll definitely try to persuade you with the answer “I cannot stress it enough that the copies are extremely limited and if you do not download your free copy now, then the chances are you will never get one”. Bull Shit! This filthy scam will be pretty much on the air until some law drag them to the jail or their creators are slaughtered by any of the devastated customer.


The main video of the BinaryAssassin says, “You will make at least $500 within 5 minutes of watching this free video… guaranteed”. So we just hopped up to check on it. This fake video started with the sweet talks by James Ruskin showing his bank account with massive but false amount of 2.4$ million. Then try to scare you by talking all rubbish about the economic crisis and then dropping you hints of this fear with a solution by saying “there’s no doubt that you along with millions of others would be forced to lead a nightmarish life”, so your ultimate solution to this is only their BinaryAssassin software. Of course their software demonstration video is also a fake.

We agree that there are trade autobots, but they just represent the forecast of market in technical terms. They cannot help you with the perfect analysis and fundamental terms in the market like any expert. So it’s always better to start your trading with the free demo account. Watcher’s Recommended Services may help you. Also, it’s important to go with a registered broker only; otherwise you’ll never be able to withdraw your profits just like BinaryAssassins where you’ll not be allowed to take away your profits.

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