Binary Interceptor is a SCAM!

A little note here: Binary Interceptor has been launched months ago by the same person. Since then, lots of people fell into victim of this scam. However, this software keep being relaunched again and again. This month, we received lots of questions regarding this system. We highly recommend that you stay away from binary interceptor and try our top recommended product, Copy Buffett.





Caution!! Binary Interceptor by Robert Harper is a SCAM! Do not ever sign-up with this software. It is a 100% automatic binary options trading system that promises to generate $900 every day. It seems like this website is viral as we found many reviews promoting this software on Google, right after its launch. We instantly got all the warning signs the moment we landed on this poorly made website with an amateur excuse of money-making. However, many of you might have received an invitation and promotional offers to join the Binary Interceptor; it would not be so obvious for new traders. We couldn’t recognize the accent of the actor when we first saw the video of Binary Interceptor, but we managed to solve it and will let you know by the end of this review.

Please read this review carefully before signing-up with Binary Interceptor, as we are absolutely sure that it’s a scam!

There are many similar characteristics in, like many other scam products we review. For example, you get a pop-up message, whenever you try to exit, with the message: “Wait! Don’t leave this unique opportunity to multiply your incomes!!!” They won’t allow you to leave so easily. They also have used a fake “Free Licenses” backward counter, which starts at 47 and gradually reaches to 1 and never end up with 0! Just exit from the website and again start it; this will give you 47 spots again! It’s a clear sign to push you to sign-up quickly and thus it is a complete lie.


If this is not enough for you to believe that it’s a scam, then check out its product description: “Binary Interceptor is the best tool for trading Binary Options, because its servers are constantly monitoring world’s financial markets, 24/7.” We wonder that which market trades on weekends around the world. It goes on with: “It detects important news which are used on the users’ benefit. It uses the latest technology to offer máximum benefits to all users. You can make use of it WITH NO COST… Once 45 days go by you will ONLY have top ay 15% of your benefits to use it.” It seems like the creators are illiterate as they don’t know what spelling and grammatical errors they committed before launching them. Do you still want to work with such sloppy creators?

Don’t believe on the fake testimonials provided on the The image of “Keenan O’Riordan”, is for example taken from The image of “Tracy Donovan” is stolen from Even the picture named “Luis Bonavita” is used by many other scams like, which is a software designed to scam Spanish speakers. In fact, is probably the original version of the Binary Interceptor. You can find same images on different sites like Keenan O’Riordan, from Ireland are Oscar Martin and Tracy Donovan from US is Marisa Bellevet, both from Spain, giving testimonials in Spanish on RobotBinario. Remember what we said in the beginning of the review about the accent of the Binary Interceptor’s actor? It turns out that he’s the same Spanish actor on the scam!

Hence, we discovered that Binary Interceptor is the English version of the Robot Binario Spanish binary options fraud. This detection with the characteristics of scam leads to the conclusion that Binary Interceptor is bogus software. Don’t trust the Binary Interceptor!

Fortunately we have legitimate software and you can check our VT’s Recommended Signals and Communities for more information on them.

Please share your views on this review and your comment too, if you have tried Binary Interceptor or Robot Binario.