British Binary Traders Association is a SCAM! (BINARY META BOT)

Binary Option Scams are produced many nowadays and they’re getting good at it with each passing day. Now they have created a total binary options blog much like the Watcher’s site. They name themselves as “British Binary Association”. What they have been smart in this trick is that they have integrated some brokers’ analysis, scam cautions, articles and news on market updation too. Don’t get hypnotized with these. The is only a scam that is designed only to cheat you with its “Binary Meta Bot” software.

As they claim, the producer or should we say the actor in this scam calls himself as “Sir Roger Thorne”, having experience in the London Trade for more than 3 decades. In this meantime, he suddenly came across this influential binary option when working on Binary Options trading, which according to him is the quickest and easiest way to make money. As he says,” I quickly became recognized as the UK’s leading binary trader and authority on the subject.” So, wouldn’t you stumble upon his name very often if you’re searching for the U.K.’s top binary traders? And we did same research to get his name in the Internet search, and we were not surprised that this so-called great trader’s name was only mentioned in the Binary Meta Bot scam.

What more surprising is that they have included a very special article titled “Recognizing Binary Options Scams-5 Simple Steps!” in their Binary Options Scam section. So, why don’t we perform this check with the simple steps to check on the Binary Meta Bot itself as they have mentioned in their website. And let’s see if it passes the test or can be declared as a scam.


  1. As they say “Binary Options Scams… share a common denominator which is the pushy sales tactics. Trusted brokers will offer you a bonus one time and clarify the bonus conditions and account restrictions that will be placed on your account should you take the bonus! Scam brokers will try to push you to deposit more and constantly call you until they squeeze the life out of your bank account.” Do you actually believe this? Many of the brokers will be available right in front of your screen in the Binary Meta Bot scam and they would be too pushy. You would love them for they’ll give extra bonus to you without even knowing you fully but certainly you’ll hate them when they’ll not return back your money, when on asking for them.
  2. Next step according to them: Negative Reviews can be a good indicator for a scam site… Just use your common sense and when you notice a company with more than a handful of terrible reviews, stay away.” On Google research with “Binary Meta Bot” as keyword, the first link you’ll see is a negative review on the Binary Traders Association and soon second will be our review too. The next results were just fakes from the different link that promotes the Binary Meta Bot Scam.
  3. Third step: Fake sites generate less online traffic… You can compare this information on…” Hence, we researched the Alexa and got that it shares the same global rank as the Binary Meta Bot and on further comparison between its positive and negative review, you’ll mark that positive reviews are much notorious and negative reviews are gaining popularity easily.
  4. Next one: “Binary Options Forums are another great way to get an idea of which brokers are authentic and which ones are scams…” We went to one of those forums. It’s a new “auto trader”, so you can’t expect to dig much from it but we did found this one:
  5. “Still not sure how to avoid scams? Contact our Scam Watch team”. Bullshit! No thanks, we got our scam.

Finale: Binary Meta Bot from the British Binary Traders Association is a fraud! You can check on Watcher’s Recommended EU Regulated brokers and binary option signal services for trustworthy services. We recommend you to start your trading option only with a free demo account. We’ll appreciate your review, comments and questions on this review about Binary Meta Bots scam. So please share your thoughts.

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