Cobalt Code is not recommended

The web is full of fake trading software and in this article, you will find out why The Cobalt Code, which guarantees $15,000 per day is also a fake software.

The fake testimonials
The Cobalt Code website comes with 52 minutes of the video presentation, and it is started with the testimonials of The Cobalt Code users. All of them shared how much they have earned using this system in a day, 7 days and the amounts sounds like $90,000 in 5 days, $17,000 in one day, $23,900 in 2 weeks and so on. Don’t fall for this trap guys. All those testimonials were fake actors.

This software is actually not free
Did you believe that this Cobalt Code software is given for free? The short answer is no. While you can access the member’s area of this app for free, but you cannot see how this software works, not until you’ve deposited real money into their recommended broker account, which is not recommended by the way.

Is Grant Stone for real?
After those testimonials, the creator, Grant Stone takes over and start explaining about his fake trading app and why you should join. According to Grant, The Cobalt Code system is 100% automated, and all you need to do is just to click the button and start making the money.

In the video presentation, Grant mentions that he has made around $217 million in the past 11 months. This statement is actually a big lie and by checking the domain registration of this software, we found that the official website registration date was on 19 April 2016, in other words, around four months ago.

The question here raised in our mind that if the site of The Cobalt Code software is developed around four months ago, then from where these 23 users of the Cobalt Code earned that much profit? Now, this forced us to think, that something is there which he is hiding from us.

Trusted and verified by big banking corporations is fake statement
How many times we have shared this in our reviews that it is impossible to earn this type of huge profit in one day using a binary options trading software. These types of offers are provided by fake trading software just to grab the attention of the innocent users who don’t know much about these scammers.

We have also checked the association between these big banks and The Cobalt Code app and didn’t find a single endorsement. Now, this confirms that Mr Grant is again sharing misleading information which is a terrible thing.
Earning $15000 in a Day is Big Lie in Binary Options
It is highly recommended to stay away from binary trading software like The Cobalt Code app who assure you around $15000 or more profit a day.

If you check the official website of The Cobalt Code software, then you will see a section where you will find that this trading software is trusted and verified by some big banks. Now, this is an entirely misleading statement. We all know very well that big banks like Bank of America, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Santander will never be associated with any auto trader software to make a profit.

Cobalt Code is actually not even free
You might not know this, but these binary options app are usually being advertised as free. The truth is, they just want you to enter the real name and email address and then you will be directed to a broker page where you need to sign up and deposit money. However, that is where the problems begin. This software will automatically trade for you and then you will lose money.

Our verdict – stay away from The Cobalt Code
While there could be legit binary options programs out there, The Cobalt Code is totally a scam and it is not worth your time or money. We don’t recommend The Cobalt Code to anyone who is reading this post.

How to choose a good binary options software or broker
If you want to make money for a long term, then consider learning technical analysis about trading and investing. This should help you earning more money in the long run.

However, if you are just getting started, then a binary options software or trading robot could help. We have made our research and found that Option Robot is the best software for automated trading. For a few reasons:

  • This software can be tested on a demo account first. You might not know this, but most of the legit binary options programs out there can be tested with a demo account. Just like the name implies, a demo account is a free trial version where you will be given fake money to try the trading robots and strategies and generate profit from it. You don’t need to deposit real money until you are ready.
  • You can choose whatever broker that you like. No need to stick with just one or two brokers. And yes, they are regulated.
  • This software works on indicators such as MACD, stochastic and more. This is different from fake auto trading software where you will be given just a simple dashboard and then there are no settings on how to trade and profit from it.

For more information, you can log on to Option Robot review page or you can click here to open a demo account with Option Robot.