Copy The Pro is a SCAM!! is releasing officially tomorrow on 27th July, 2015. The idea of the service is that you can follow the professional traders with this software. Brad Christian is their topmost professional trader who claims to have 3729 followers already. Apart from him, they already have six more professional traders with followers ranging from 691 to 2069 each. I can’t trust these figures as the software has still not yet released and despite that they claim to have so many followers already. The producer of the CopyThePro has been doing many labors in marketing their scam product with a professional looking video, which is so-called “documentary” of them. They already have said that this documentary have made it to the headlines of the country. But if you check any of the major newspaper, I bet you wouldn’t find even a word of CopyThePro, even not on any online news site. I’ve written this review to make you aware that this software is nothing but just like any other scam.


When we took a close look at the images of their top professional traders, we found that they’re fakes too. They’ve bought the pictures from different sites.

See this example:

“Chris Ferguson” and “Robert Dunwell”‘s images were bought from, see: and

And the image of “Sarah Philips” belongs from this:

Please folks, do we still need to give you this review? From the beginning itself, you can say that the data they provided on the CopyThePro is not real at all. Hence, even if they say that “CopyThePro is a once in a lifetime opportunity that “is making beginners with no experience thousands in profits each day,” we don’t need to say that it’s a complete lie. Do we still need to say that something like “thousands of profit each day” is never possible in Binary trading options even if you invest huge money on it? Because even if you have best human traders or autobots, you will certainly lose money any time. You can’t win money every day. It is not a guaranteed profit business.

In fact, CopyThePro is nothing just than a fake auto trading system where you’ll follow fake traders. The only way you can earn decent profits in Binary Trading is through professional traders, mostly majority of the auto trading systems are not real at all. We have few simple guidelines for you to become a successful binary option trader. Foremost and first most tip-always choose an authorized broker and rather an EU regulated broker only. Next, select a signal service. Check out and watcher signal services for further help. And lastly, never take a paid account in the beginning. Always get a free demo account so that you can check the signals and try them before you start applying into your real accounts.

Your comments and feedback are always welcomed by us. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments for this review. Don’t fall for CopyThePro scam!

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