Dream System is confirmed to be a scam

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Free to access, $250 to trade

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On June 23, 2017
Last modified:June 25, 2017


The Dream Profits is confirmed to be another scam. It is just another rehash of previous products such as Tesler App. This is a sure fire way to lose your money.

There is a new scam being released to the web called the Dream System, or also known as the Dream Profits. We have access to this system and we came into conclusion that this product is just another remake of Rio Profits system. This is just another trap to lure anyone into losing money with unregulated binary options broker (more about that later).


 A little bit about binary options trading, in case you are new
Binary option is actually one trading system where you can pick one asset and then make money by choosing call or put. For example, if you think that the asset, EURUSD is going up, then you simply choose the amount that you want to trade, let say $10 and then choose call if you think that this pair is going up after one hour. Otherwise, if you think that this asset is going down, then choose put. 

If your prediction is correct, then you will gain back your initial capital, $10 plus profits being paid by the binary broker, $8. So, in total, you will earn $18 for this trade. Otherwise, if your prediction is wrong, then you will lose all $10. 

It is actually not gambling like being mentioned by some people, since there are things that you can manipulate, such as market conditions, indicators, charts and more. 


What Dream System is all about
If you browse to the Dream System website (dreamsystem.co), then you will realise that this system promised to make you $150,000 with this software. Well, this is actually just a fake claim. The Dream System is just being released so there is no way anyone already making money with this product.


Dream System is actually free to try
If you entered your name and email into the website, you can access this Dream System for free. In case you are curious, let us show how this software looks like:

As you can see, this is actually a remake version of other software we’ve seen before, such as the Rio Profits. There is no way to control your budget, and no other way to figure out whether one trade is going to be successful or not. All you are given are signals, whether to choose call or put. There is no way to control your budget, no indicators or something like that. 


In order to make the money or try this system, you need to deposit $250 into the broker account
As you can see from the screenshot above, you need to deposit at least $250 into the recommended broker account for this system to work for you. Otherwise, this program won’t be making you any money. We don’t know about you, but in our case, we need to deposit money to an unregulated binary options broker known as the Markets Trading.

A little bit about regulations and why you should care
You might not know about this, but there’s a huge difference between a regulated binary options broker and the unregulated ones. A regulated binary broker obtains a valid license, or should we say regulations from the local government. Think about it this way –  if you want to open a retail business in your city, you need to register with the local government to process payment and prevent fraud from your or your customer’s side. Otherwise, you cannot operate the business and process payments.

The same goes for binary options or forex brokers. Most forex brokers are regulated and so far some binary brokers already obtain their license and thus, regulated. However, the Dream System recommends an unregulated broker, which is not safe for anyone to trade and make the money.


We don’t recommend the Dream System to anyone who is reading this post
There are a few reasons why the Dream System gets red flags from us:

  • Unregulated binary broker. Like being mentioned, this program recommends only unregulated binary options broker, which is not safe to anyone to trade and even try their hard earned cash. A regulated broker will refund your money in case you want to process the withdrawal, but unregulated ones do not. In case you already deposited money into this broker or system, then good luck getting a refund.
  • No demo account. Newbie traders probably don’t know this fact, but any legit binary options broker will always provide their client with a real, working demo account first, before putting the real money on the line. The problem with the Dream System is the fact you cannot test their signals on a working demo account first, before putting your money on the line.
  • It is not created by real traders. Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t think that whoever behind this Dream System program are real traders. The reason is simple – there is no way to control your risk, no indicators, no candlestick patterns or something like this. This program is clearly designed to make anyone lose money with their fake signal service. 

Alternative to the Dream System product
Please, find a binary options broker or system that can be tested on a demo account first, before putting your real money on the line. There are tonnes of binary options brokers that provide free demo account first before you even depositing real money on the line.

We highly recommend that you try our #1 recommended system, Option Robot for one good reason – it works and it can be tested on a demo account first. Think about it this way – if one particular system or robot works like a charm on a demo account, then probably you will be able to make money from it with a real account. Make sense?

Find out more about Option Robot in this post.

The Dream Profits is confirmed to be another scam. It is just another rehash of previous products such as Tesler App. This is a sure fire way to lose your money.