Elite Gold Profits is a SCAM!!

A new scam is making news in the market these days. The name of this latest scam is Elite Gold Profits. Something is really wrong with these marketers! There is not even a slightest doubt about the so-called “Nigel Pearson” and his new make-money software. Once again they plan to target new binary options traders or the people who are looking for money making opportunities with online trading. Let’s have a look at certain real facts that support our allegations:

  • Elite Gold Profits (EliteGoldProfits.com) is not a registered company with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Also they are not certified or endorsed anywhere. They are just visible on a few generic sites and are endorsed by online marketers who are busy sending you invitations.
  • The alleged Nigel Pearson is a well-known Football manager in his profession. There is no information available by the same name who either deals with software or online trading or any software owner or being CEO.
  • A thing to notice is that why any genuine website will put pictures of famous actors on their main page? It is just to create a good impression. There are also pictures of Roger Federer, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey; as if all of them are using this software or approved to be featured on this scam pitch page! It is really doubtful.
  • They are making use of pressure tactics. Their website says that ‘You have exactly 2 minutes to sign-up’. However, we tried to access Elite Gold Profit 30 minutes later and it seems like the offer is still available.
  • You must have been convinced by now that this software is a scam. One more thing to remember, Binary Options wasn’t around in 2004. This offer seems too good to be true. Therefore do not sign-up with Elitegoldprofits.com as it is a trap. If you are seriously interested to trade binary options with genuine companies then this is definitely not the right way to start, unless you want to be on the losing end.


Click on this link to check out this scam website (http://elitegoldprofits.com/-SPLT/vip-free.php?clickID=1809421780&aff=82940&c=IN&tid=10283a468e660f4665ce2ec7305559&aff_id=4344)

Among many new scams that are linked with either FX or Binary Options, Elite Gold Profits is just one of them. Sadly, they target newbie traders or inexperienced individuals who are interested to make a living online and/or heard that it can be done with online trading. Definitely, it is true but you must always sign up with EU regulated brokers and make money with binary options or Forex. You must do a thorough research before signing up with the offers that seems too good to be true. If you are a new trader, better start trading with Free Demo Account. Test your skills or the signals service you decide to opt before you start trading with real money.

We really wish that no one fall into this trap and sign-up with Elite Gold Profits. That is why we also checked up their list of synced brokers and it is clearly evident that none of them are regulated. The brokers who are reliable never work with scam sites. During our research we also became aware that the Auto Profit Replicator, a previous software scam that was exposed by us was handled by the same individuals who are now behind Elite Gold Profits. You can check yourself that the domains are hosted on the same server and owned by the same individuals. As you navigate directly to Elitegoldprofits.com without an invitation, you will be redirected to Auto Profit Replicator (scam review), Chrissy’s Invite or other scams that are promoted by them. Just try to click again and again on this domain and you’ll get redirected to all kinds of websites.

Thank you for reading this review. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the new Elite Gold Profits by the alleged “Nigel Pearson” please share it with us. And other new traders, who might be considering signing up with this new fraud site, remain aware.

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