Flip My Binary Account is a SCAM!!! (Avoid FMBA!)

Flip My Binary Account was released on August 3rd, 2015 and is a scam. The so-called CEO of Flip My Binary Account is “Ronal Green” and the person in the main video is him. They have new concept in the scam in which you create broker accounts and sell them to different people for “huge amount of cold, harsh cash!” Ronald Greens even claims that he has already made $737,700.71 in profits and even shows a fake bank account to make you believe. Just mark the date on the bottom of the video. We took a screenshot on 05/08/2015 of the video. Can you make out anything? Just check the date of the HSBC account, which marks the date as 07/08/2015. You can argue that it might be due to different date formats but HSBC is a British bank, so does it still make that difference?

As the Ronald Green says that many people are geared up to purchase “your binary account via a little known bidding site, just like eBay. These buyers are looking for an account that shows consistent growth, just like buying and selling any other business. So, once you have an account that shows a profit it then becomes a profitable business.” This is quite good. But we have problems here. First one, we searched too much but did not found any website that purchases binary options accounts for sale. Rather we even checked on eBay; we did find the signal service and binary options for sale, but without any accounts. The reason is that you can never transfer a binary account from one to another. There are no such brokers who’ll let you do that. Second one, even if you do find someone who’s ready to purchase your account, you’ll need to show the profits earned on that. And we don’t think that you’ll ever be able to show any profit on the account if you’re using the Flip My Binary Account. Folks, are we not clear enough that Flip My Binary Account is a scam or you want more proof?

One more problem with FMBA.co website is that it does not supply any e-mail. Whom will you contact if you get to know that this is a scam? And even if they do provide you an e-mail, they’ll never reply you once you gave them money. Even the fake testaments of the FMBA “clients” could not persuade us to believe them, especially after finding that these “clients” are actors that Fiverr.com bought for $5!



Once you enter your email, you’ll be directed to the member’s area where a broker will be allotted to you automatically after filling the details. The brokers on this site are fakes. They’ll call you and say all the pretty lies to convince you to invest money in the scam. You’ll see a time of 10 minutes to sign up. But as expected, this is a fake timer and even after 10 minutes, you’ll be able to sign-up. But please don’t do that.
Conclusion: Flip My Binary Account is a scam! And we hope that you’re certain now that this is a scam. We really don’t want to get the mails from the people saying that they’re cheated by the Flip My Binary Account. Hence, we request you to share this review to as many people as you can reach out. The only safe way to earn money in binary options is using a registered broker and authorized signal service. You can sign up with the Watchers for safe trading. And always start your trading with a free demo account even if you’re trading manually or using a bot.

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