Give Me 5 Minutes to Explain Why 5 Minute Experiment is a Scam


James Hawksby has a new money making way for you: Make $800 in just 5 minutes! You can then make $800 every 5 minutes like clockwork. This all has to do with his new software called Five Minute Experiment, which is automated software for binary options.

So what is Five Minute Experiment? How does it work? It will trade 89.4% profitable binary options every five minutes from your side.

James has one proof for us to provide in which he shows his one ad posted on Ebay classified to test his software. In his ad, he mentioned that he requires only the newbies in the binary options and the online financial trading, who doesn’t have enough Internet knowledge. As James say, he got numerous replies but had space only for 20 newbies.



Next, he decides to call these interested people randomly through Skype. He first calls a person named Jim Brody. Jim first asks “Is this legal? Sounds like a bit of a scam”. James replies to him quickly that “It’s 100% legal and ethical.” Then he asks Jim to hold and calls another person named Lisa Stout from the Skype, who replied to his advertisement.

After confirming that both of them are newbies, James says that his software does not need the knowledge of the market or even the working of trade! “The software does all the complicated technical analysis for you.”

James will then show you how he places the winning trades on the software in every 60 seconds and turns those trades into profits in every 5 minutes. Users make over $500 per hour with the 89.4% success rate with the winning trades. He even mentions that “his software is tested by an independent third party”.

James will then guide you with the instructions for opening an account with his software. Your first step would be to open a broker account and invest a small deposit in it. Then he will let them go in order to complete the next step.

And from here, things get personal.

James’ divorce sob story

Before returning to Jim and Lisa, James tells us his grief story about his personal life. According to Jim, he was a poor person. His dad was a recovering alcoholic person and he let his dad and his wife with a 6 year old daughter to move in with him. James’ wife was a housewife and he used to work like “a dog” in a construction company in London.

Then a worst phase came into his life when Michelle, James’ wife, started drinking with his dad. And got even worst when his dad started developing a feeling for his wife! And one day he caught his wife and dad having sex. What’s the point here? Why do we need to hear your juicy story of sex and betrayal? James says that this twist turned him to divorce his wife and that’s when he met his divorce attorney Roger. It was Roger who introduced James to binary option trading to earn some side income. Roger told him that he needs only 15 minutes “to push a few buttons and make $550 every day.”

Thanks to his divorce, James grew more pathetic and ended up with losing around $4000 on scam products. James already had given up until the Roger contacted him few months later.

According to Roger, he made big money of $847k in just one month using a financial software product. And that software was none other than the Five Minute Experiment.

As James and Roger are now millionaires, they’re selling this Five Minute Experiment software at the price of $4,997 this coming October. But till then, they are giving chance to beta testers and today is the last day to sign up as a beta tester. What a lucky day!


Meanwhile, back at Skype…

James again comes with line Jim and Lisa. Within this time break, Jim not only made thousand bucks but also learned to perform screen shares. Even Lisa made money around $1,056. And she too learned to share her screen with James and Jim. Too much for a newbie, isn’t it?

Why I’m skeptical of Five Minute Experiment

One more interesting fact is that James made dollars in profits from his rags-to-riches story in London rather than in pounds. Do people use dollars in London instead of pounds? There are many such interesting facts of Five Minute Experiment which led me to believe that it’s a scam. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Fake Video stream:

The video where James calls his volunteers on Skype can’t be accessed or clicked. This so-called live video can’t be refreshed and it plays itself again and again.

  1. Fake Security Seals:

Even the security seals they show can’t be clicked, which means they’re fake and just pieces of decoration on site.

  1. Fake Facebook comments:

A webpage in the site shows a Facebook comment page, which also can’t be clicked and even you can’t submit your own comment on the page as the “Add a comment” link is not working.

  1. Five Minute Experiment is on Clicksure:

For those of you who never heard of the famous Clicksure, it’s an affiliate network popular for carrying every kind of scams. Just like other scams, Five Minute Experiment too charges $250 from each person to sign up with them. You wouldn’t be surprised to find many positive reviews on the Five Minute Experiment as the affiliates are paid $250 for each review. These reviews when clicked, will lead you back to Clicksure.

  1. Binary Book’s recommended broker:

You’ll be asked to deposit $250 with Binary Book to try using the Five Minute Experiment software. Binary Book is not based on USA; it’s a Gibraltar (a British Overseas Territory) based, which means that it is not SEC regulated. It’s not even CySEC regulated! This clearly means that you’ll end up losing all your money with this software.

Summary of Five Minute Experiment:

The Five Minute Experiment is a scam designed only to get $250 from you or even more if you’re willing to pay more. Never ever sign up with such get-rich-quick scams.

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