Gold Digger is a SCAM, unless proven otherwise!!!

Another binary options trading software named is set to release on 16th September, 2015. The software is designed particularly for trading the Gold asset that promises you high returns on your investments. We have written this article almost two weeks before its due date as we want to inform as many as possible before it starts getting heavily promoted. You might have already read about the Gold Digger on the pretense websites like Such websites are designed to promote every new scam that is launched in the market. So, Watcher’s is out to conclude that is Gold Digger a scam or not!

The voice actor at the beginning of the Gold Digger pitch video asks “What’s the only true way to make money? Nothing comes close to gold.” He then goes on explaining about the gold and how it can be the only asset that can earn you profits in the long run of time. “Gold is one of the most stable long-term uptrend assets”. This statement is definitely a true statement. It seems that the creators of the Gold Digger have read all our Watcher’s reviews attentively as they have not made any mistake yet that we find in most of the scam, if it all it’s a scam. And even if it’s a scam, we’ll definitely find it soon.


As the creators say, Gold Digger was developed by two Russian rocket scientists named Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk. We don’t think that Antony and Ronald are Russian names. Of course, there’s a possibility that they may be migrants. Anyway, Antony and Ronald had found a loophole (loophole is the term used by some of the bogus services that we have reviewed in the past), that made profit on gold from “180% to a staggering 450% a week”. And eventually, they created Gold Digger to exploit that loophole and make huge profits automatically using auto-pilots.

Anthony and Ronald were even seen on, a well known Forex portal, endorsing Forex software. It looks like they started their careers in trading applications development long before they developed Gold Digger. This makes us say that they are in trading development business even before the binary options trading came into existence! So, it’s definitely worth to dig out about their past in order to know about their present. You would probably not know that “in 2006, they launched Forex software named GPS Robot, which was considered as the first revolutionary Forex software that never had losing money in 9 years!” We do agree that there was a GPS Forex Robot which was created by Mark Larsen and two programmers named Antony and Ronald. To know more about it, we did a check on the ForexPeaceArmy, which is a Watcher’s of Forex trading, and we came across some positive reviews on it. Antony and Ronald in 2012 came up with a Commodity Robot that works with Oil, Silver, Gold and other such assets. And this website is currently closed for new members as they were ‘sold-out within 11 hours’!

We can’t say at present moment that is scam, as the creators behind it have a good record of selling profitable bots. However, we can’t ignore few signs that points us that it may be scam, for example when we tried to leave the website, a pop-up comes promising us to make $34,174 from a $100 investment. We believe that authentic software will never try to prevent you from leaving the website. Hence, in case of, we request all our subscribers, who have signed up and tested the software, to share their experiences and reviews with us, which will help us form a final verdict on its profitability. And those of you who’re looking for safer paths can check the Watcher’s Trusted Services and always consult a fully EU regulated broker like TopOption.

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