Golden Binary Profits is a SCAM!!! An Honest Review!

As usual, you will find lots of fake reviews promoting new products like the new Golden Binary Profits. We do have solid proofs against it that clearly indicate that it’s a scam. Forget about the complaint we received at our Watcher’s Complaint Center against this fake system, right after its launch, but even if you look for indicator of a typical money-making schemes, we bet  you’ll find more than few with website!

Firstly, this scam has nothing to do with GoldDigger.Trade which we have already reviewed before. We have every reason to believe that this is a cheap attempt to confuse people to believe that this system is related to the authoritative software, Gold Digger. As far as Gold Digger is related, we haven’t received any negative feedback yet and its massive interest shows that it’s not a scam, but still we question it. As far as Golden Binary is considered, it’s definitely bogus software.

Did you notice the guy named Jack Johnson, the so-called creator of Golden Binary Profits? He’s the same guy we saw on the Professor Andersen scam’s pitch page! Wait a minute, so are you Jack Johnson, or you’re a paid actor, hired to promote fake systems? It seems that you’re just a scum-bag that don’t care about the consequences of his actions, as you’re a participant in now at least two of the scams! Shame on you! It’s too easy to tell lies in front of camera, but we wonder that this guy even realize that how scheming and deceptive those websites are!



Thus, we can say that Golden Binary Profits and Professor Andersen are both from the same scam-artists and even both the websites look similar, with same hosting pattern. We find it contemptible! The scams like have no place in binary option trading industry and in fact they’re ruining the reputation of industry!  We do have many decent people out in the binary option trading industry, who do consider it a serious venture. We do have good service providers and binary options communities as well. There are fully EU regulated brokers versus shady brokers in the binary options trading industry that develop money-making scams like the one Golden Binary Profits.

We hope that this review will keep you away from both the Golden Binary Profits scam as well as the Professor Andersen scam. It appears that the guy loves to keep changing his name, how credible is that? Every week a new scam with a new name, and what do you know? Same actor, same story each time to sell scams to the masses!

There are many alternatives to earn decent money on binary option trading system, but you would definitely end up losing all the money if you sign-up with the type of scams that we expose on the Watcher’s Binary Options Scams. In fact, we encourage you to take a look at our complete list of Binary Options Scams before you sign-up with any software or broker in this field. If you’re completely new to this field, then we advise you to practice your skills with a Free Demo Account only and when you’re ready to play solo, then you can take a look at our Watcher’s Recommended Binary Options Signals and invest accordingly.

To sum up this review, Golden Binary Profits is a scam! Professor Andersen is a scam! Please share your views and comments with us, if you have anything to say about this scam.

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