Home Profits Group is a SCAM!! Picture of a dead person? really?

We would definitely like to meet that great person or organization that rated the Home Group scam as a Revolutionary #1 Work-at-Home Job that creates $1,500 Paydays Like Clockwork. When we did turn to www.homeprofitsgroup.com, we saw that this rubbish scam also offers “Free Copies Available”. These free copies will start instantly with 23 and end rapidly to the first copy (last copy). But you would get the same one copy even when you visit the site after reading this!

We did not sign up with the Home Group just to check on them because we definitely do not sign up with any website that has a fake backward counter. This trick is just to jolt you for quick sign-up. Let’s see what their video has. (Click on this link to check the video http://www.homeprofitsgroup.com/?clickID=1899366620&aff=82940&c=IN&tid=1021229775de7595ceb2d344e9564c&aff_id=5180)


The HomeProfitsGroup.com video starts with a woman named Kathy Jamison. They claim her to be a Corrections Officer in North Carolina and she’s sitting on the beach in South Florida. Do you actually believe this?! Because she’s DEAD!!!


That’s a joke. We found this photo from the Google and weren’t surprised that it’s being used in many other websites too. You can check this image here: http://www.blacksunaeon.com/the-first-start-up-the-entrepreneurs-journey/beautiful-young-woman/. Hence, Home Profits Groups is definitely a scam. Once more, the usual engaging images of wealth, homes, beach, cars and vacations, are popped up timely just to make your physiological state more tempting.

The actor in the Home Profits Group again informs you that this is not a sales video. ‘We don’t have a ‘Buy Now’ button or anything that says ‘Add to Cart’.” Well that’s true but you know this is how all scams work. Then you’ll be directed to sign up with their product and the broker. These brokers are also cons as they’ll never have any customers and will only eat up your all money. Even if you try to withdraw your profits, you’ll not be able to get to him and the software will just prove a stack of garbage then. Hence, the Home Profits Group is trying to sell something. They’ll sell you scam software with fake brokers and when you do buy, they’ll give you something free! Yes, they do! That’s their fake software!

Then they’ll lure you that you’re not generating enough money for yourself with such lines:

  1. If you’re young – do you really want to work for another 50 or 60 years?
  2. If you’re middle-aged – are you seriously counting on living on Social Security when you retire?
  3. If you’re already in your “golden years – do you have enough money now to live your life without depending on others
  4. If you love what you’re doing – will it last?


The result is: You can bring change. Hence, I don’t need to say that Home Profit Group do not give a damn about what age of people they’re cheating. That’s very scary! They will not stop only considering your age. Senior people like your grandfather can easily be fooled by such scammers as they have the least knowledge of the internet. Please comment if you think that this is totally not acceptable.

It does not matter whether you’re old or young; making money was never and is still not an easy job. There were never and still no shortcuts for becoming rich quickly. Lots of hard work and little smart work is what you need in the world. We advise you to not to fall into such fake Auto Binary Software and rescue yourself from such liars. If you stumbled upon this article when searching for Home Profits Group scam, then you have already fallen for such traps and that’s not at all good or acceptable. It even means that you have heard about such software and you might have signed up for them. That’s WRONG! A big NO! Please keep in mind that we cannot write about all the scam popping up every day on the Internet which is vast like a ocean. So please don’t waste time in searching for such miracles to make money!

The only known way known to me for making money on Binary Trade is by signing up with a complete EU regulated and authorized broker like TopOption.com. But don’t make haste with the money even with them. Slowly and steadily make your way until you become an established trader. If you’re a newbie to trade, then we advise you to sign up strictly and only on Free Demo account. And then of course there are professional traders whom you can follow manually like Michael Freeman’s manual signal group on Facebook. Check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h53QgezA_0c

For ending this review, please remember that Home Profits Group is a SCAM! Please comment and review if you have already signed up with this scam. This will help us to warn as much people as we can through this review and stop such scam from making new scams. Stay Secure!

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