Inside the RM System and It’s Not Pretty

Online Marketing has got quite wide opportunities to look more professional with the help of websites like that provides actors online for hiring.

And this is the same case with the less reputable marketers as well.

All you need is a well written script, a high quality but affordable camera and cheap but effectual actors for a sales video that can sell your ice to the Inuit’s! And the RM System has these features, making it dangerous.

The Pitch

The main pitch is of 17 minutes sales video that has a beautiful looking woman as the main character in the video.

The RM in the RM System is supposed to be Rich Mom and the beautiful lady representing this system is Maria Lopez. And if she’s real then she’s too shy in front of the camera because an actress and model named Leanna Pareja is used as a spokeswoman. Leanna must be having hard times otherwise why would she sell her acting services via


The video starts with the images of bank balances with millions deposit. But there’s a problem with these images as we don’t have evidences whether these screenshots are real or have they have earned the money from this software.

Then Maria will tell you that how you can make $32k a day without investing a single penny. Such tactics are much common in the scams to ease you in terms of money and also to get you tempted for making money.

At this point, the lady will fail to inform you that you do need to deposit some cash in this system. The testimonial featured next is by a paid actor. How can we believe whether it’s real or not? And how did we know that this one is an actor? Because he’s the same guy I saw in the video of scam software I reviewed this week. It seems that he’s just trying to pay his bills by selling his acting skills.

The next testimonial is also the paid one like the previous one.


And for your information, the RM System does not mention anywhere that they’re using paid actors. And even if they did mention, how’d you feel? These actors say that “I’m living proof that this system works”; which are just the words mentioned in the RM System script.

Then Maria/Leanna keeps continuing with her binary scam script and she starts to accuse the internet gurus and scam artists available on the internet to gain moral high grounds. Too cheap!

Even you should by now see through this scam like me that it’s a complete lie and nothing more than a scam just like the other fake Binary Option systems.

From this point, Leanna tries to provide the so-called legitimate proofs by giving you a live example through logging her account. As you can see that she did not moved her ass at all and didn’t even log in. And does that “live” proof provided any evidence that the system generate money? NO!

And suddenly you’ll see that without moving from her spot, in the same clothing and background lightings, she earned $12,400, after 48 hours! Too real to believe, isn’t it? Do you too forget to change clothes in two days? So are you saying Leanna that this system can earn us $6000 in a day? Do we look that dumb?!

And as all the rags-to-rich stories go, Maria too tells you her grief story that how she was living before and suddenly she was spotted by a rich man, who gave her the secret to turn leads into gold! Yes, I’m being mordant here, but this cheap tactic is used by most of the marketers to sell their product. They just create real looking stories to tug on your heartstrings. We all have bad phases and we all struggle to make the ends meet at the end of the day. So it’s more likely that we feel the instant connection to these made-up sad stories.

I hate such tactics, as these fake stories are nothing more than cheap way to tug people’s emotions in the name of making money using a high risk trading system. This will only worsen your bad situation.

Most of these stories will end with the geeks writing some magic codes for the system or an unknown sponsor providing the so-called secret access to the high club networks. Just like the Maria tells that how she became rich from rags and how she became a top trader at a broker, which then inspired her to make her system and help people. That’s too creepy!

Then the rest of the video will simply push you to sign up with the system through your email.

Signing up to the RM System

As usual, the next slot has another “grab it” video, a sign up form and few live earning stats that can be stolen from anywhere. This is exactly like the rest of the Binary Options scams.

Even here we have a countdown timer to push you for signing up quickly. We waited for the counter to hit zero. We were still able to sign up after that! You’ll still be asked to deposit money. That’s the only thing behind the scams like RM System, which is to make you invest the money so that they can have all your money. The broker 24option is based out of Cyprus so there’s too minimal chance that you can ever get in touch with the system creators and just for your information, the company behind the 24option, Rodeler Ltd is already blacklisted by the Canada investors warning list in 2013. You can still see its name on that list.

The Bottom Line

Did I use the RM System? No, I don’t need to. Numerous lies, lack of solid proofs, blacklisted brokers, and a high risk trading method, points me that this system is nothing but a scam.

Read any of our other binary scam reviews and you’ll notice that they’re all same. We’ve talked about hundreds of such scams already and the comments by the people have really helped us to prove that these scams have cheated them.

If you do want to lose your money, then sign up with RM System, and let us know how much you lost.

If you are serious about making money online, we highly recommend that you read about our top rated product, Mike’s Auto Trader.