Is the Secret Formula (The Secret Webinar) by Bob Patrick a Worthwhile Investment?

Do you know about commercial email marketing? It is a strategy in which commodities and services are sold to the prospective clients and existing customers via emails. Such emails are mostly sent by businesses, but sometimes these businesses may also outsource their email marketing to third parties or affiliates. If it’s outsourced email marketing, then the third parties accumulate money on the email click and / or resulting sales.

Such commercial emails have existed since long time from when the businesses and companies started using emails and promoting themselves via offers on emails to their customers and subscribers.

When I heard about the Bob Patrick offering “The Secret Webinar” to introduce the “Secret Formula”, it forced me think over this famous technique which is quite popular in market too. And the Bob’s “Secret Formula” includes nothing except the commercial email marketing picturing it as an opportunity to work-from-home and an online-earning-money opportunity.

Who is Bob Patrick?

Well, Bob Patrick was once a salesman selling soap door-to-door in New Jersey. He was unhappy with his this salesman job so he started saving money to  property and bought a three family rental property using this money during the real estate boom. He eventually, took a mortgage of $400k and even lost money in repairing that building!


In the meantime, he met a guy, an online businessman in Las Vegas who was earning money through Google AdWords. Bob got inspired from him and invested over $30k on the Google Ads. According to him, when he started making profit with those ads, Google suddenly changed the rules for the rankings of the ads. From this he learnt a lesson: Never build your business on the back of other business.


This is the story you’ll hear from the Bob while watching “The Secret Webinar”. He’ll also show you numerous images of his earnings and also the earnings of some members. Out of the 90 minute video, over 30 minute video is describing the personal tales. Bob then afterwards explains you what actually the “Secret Formula” is.

What is the Secret Formula?

According to Bob, the Secret Formula is “tapping into a system that touches nearly everyone.” The Secret Formula does not involve forex, binary options or stock trading. In fact, the system “is highly profitable” and “anyone can do it.” Also, “with this system, the competition doesn’t matter.”

So, what is exactly involved in this?

The Secret Formula is simply about receiving the leads, sending emails to these leads and then making earnings from those email clicks.


Now, from where will you get those leads? There’s three options provided:

  1. Build your own email list: This is the simplest but time-consuming option. And also it’s the most expensive one.
  2. Rent and managing email list: This method is only profitable when you share your profits with the list owners.
  3. Buying email leads: Buy your list once and earn profit from it forever.

Bob prefers the last option and hence, he has made connections with higher potential list vendors using this technique.

But there’s one hindrance in such automated emailing platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, etc. and that is that they never let you import larger email lists. You’ll be set into certain limits for sending the emails monthly. So if you have large contact list, then you should also get ready to pay large money for using such platforms.

Now, Bob have even given you a solution to this problem, by creating his own email platform named PoewerMail Pro. Using this auto replying system, Bob was able to connect to the email servers like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. He can also send infinite number of emails that exceeds million counts in a month.

What is there in the Bob’s email auto-replying system? He used this system to send numerous emails containing offers and promotions to his lists. From those email lists, one of the user clicks the email offers and with this every click, Bob made money.

Bob had thousands of such lists and made eventually thousands of money by sending emails to those contacts and he created a stable and steady income source for him form this system.

On becoming a member of Secret Formula, you too can get email contacts and send the “Ridiculous Money Promotions” from CPA or affiliate networks. As such emails are general and can be applied almost on anybody; you need not have to classify your users for different ads. You earn money when your lead clicks on the offers sent by your email offers or even when anybody tries the sample products sent by you in emails.

Then, Bob informs you that you can soon have an optional plug-in which will aid you to create email templates and enable for copying purpose as well. This plug-in is named as Auto Product Pro.


What I didn’t like about the Secret Formula:

Bob Patrick says that there’s nothing wrong with his Secret Formula, but few point bothers me much:

You’re sending a lot of spam: Such emails sent by you are mostly marked as spam emails and this can have your ISP banned.

The leads aren’t qualified: The leads you get from Bob are just general mails and you can’t say whether the customer will be interested in it or not.

Some of the program claims are over the top: Such networks do provide you instant access as they want your business but the real ones like Amazon Associates are picky ones.

The price of the program: Bob’s Secret Formula is not at all cheap with set-up fee of $1497 and $297/month thereafter.

There are no refunds: He guarantees that you’ll make money but he will never give you refund if you ever wanted.


Secret Formula is not a scam but it’s’ too risky as you need to invest almost $1500 to use it. If you get a low CTR (Click-through-rate), then you’ll waste your time in deciding which one is more qualified than the other contact. Bob’s this method is not at all data-driven and I would say if you have that much cash, then you should probably buy your own email lists from the affiliate networks like Clickbank.


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