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Review of: Lazy Trader App

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On February 13, 2017
Last modified:February 21, 2017


Lazy Trader App is not recommended by us since this product recommends an unregulated binary broker. If you still want to use this app, trade at your own risk.

Lazy Trader App is a new binary options product that was released on January 30th, 2016. After looking into this website and the member’s area, we don’t recommend this software to anyone.

It is actually NOT free
According to the website, you can make up to $15,000 per day with their system. Plus, it is being advertised as free, while the fact is, it isn’t. Once you’ve entered your name and real email on the website, you need to deposit $250 into one recommended broker. There is no demo version of this software or something like that.

If you still want to try one of such a software, in other words, which is free to try, we highly recommend that you get the Option Robot ( software. The Option Robot app is really free to try on a demo account. (Read review about Option Robot here).

The $15,000 is just a selling tactic and not even realistic to most people
You might already know this, but Lazy Trader App is actually about making money with binary options. Binary options are one simple method where you can earn money by choosing call or put. For example, if you think that one asset is going up, then choose call. If you think that one particular asset is going down, then choose put.

If your prediction is right, then you will gain back all your capital plus profit. For example, if you choose to trade $100 and your prediction is right, then you will gain $185. The $85 is given by the broker. If the prediction is wrong, then you will lose all $100.

The reason why we explain this to you, is so you have the idea that the $15,000 is not even realistic. There is no way you can earn that kind of money unless if you deposited way too much money into the binary broker account.


The Lazy Trader App software dashboard

This system claims that it is easy to use, suitable for anyone and finally guarantees $15,000 per day with this app. We don’t care at all about the guarantees made by this software since there is no way you can guarantee the success of your users. Obviously whoever appears in the video is an actor pretending to be the creator of Lazy Trader App system. 

Good points about Lazy Trader App software
Over hype sales letter which attracts newbies into their website and grabs the copy of their software. 
The $15,000 promise is actually just a tactics to attract anyone into the binary options trading. However, like being mentioned before in this post, the income claim is actually not realistic, unless if you have tons of money to invest. 

Professional website and video
Another powerful selling point of this website and app is the fact you are presented with a professional looking website and video. Therefore, anyone will want to believe that this app is created by experienced software developer and will really make them money. 

Problems with the Lazy Trader App software
No demo version of this software. In order to make the money, you need to deposit at least $250 into the recommended broker account of Lazy Trader App. While this doesn’t sound really bad, the problem is, there are tons of other automated software like these which allows you to trade and test their system first, without having to spend a dime. (For more information, read our top recommended apps here).

This app doesn’t have the ability to choose your own favorite broker. Another problem with Lazy Trader App system is the fact you need to use only one broker associated with this program. You cannot choose your own broker, which is very bad. A good system must allow you to choose your own binary broker. You should be careful since binary options apps like these usually recommend an only new binary broker, which is not regulated. 

It is not really free like being advertised. While this system claims that you can make money for free with it, the fact is, there is no such thing as free money. You need to sign up by entering your name, email and phone number first. Later on, once inside you need to deposit at least $250 into their recommended broker account in order to profit from this app. 

Final verdict – did we recommend Lazy Trader App?
The short answer is no. Like being mentioned, this is just another trap to lure newbies (probably you) into signing up for another unregulated binary broker. If you are looking for an alternative for Lazy Trader App, we highly recommend that you take a look at our #1 recommended software, Option Robot. Option Robot ( is free to try with a demo account and even better, it recommended a regulated binary broker, which is a sign of a good software. Check out our review of Option Robot here. 

Lazy Trader App is not recommended by us since this product recommends an unregulated binary broker. If you still want to use this app, trade at your own risk.