Mega Profix is a SCAM! They will Steal your Money!!! is one more new scam which will be released soon. The official date of its release is 26th August, 2015, but it has already overflowed internet with its fake reviews claiming that Mega Profix is not a scam. They have even a Facebook Page promoting themselves on the internet. They wrote on their Facebook Page: “WOW we just broke the world record for online earnings! 1.9 million in a single hour!”, on 4th August. What a big lie! Do you trust them? At least, we don’t. They promise to you that you’ll be earning six figure incomes within a month. But before signing up with the MegaProfix, make sure to read this review on the Watcher’s.

As the creators of the MegaProfix scam says, their method is “simple and stupid”. Well, we totally agree with this sentence and really would like to trust on the ‘stupid’ part more. Who would be so stupid to believe that an automatic trading system can earn to them billions of dollars, that too with no trading experience? Will you buy the banks’ money-making strategy offered on silver platter with a “deciphered, packed and easy” method? In this review, we’ll prove that MegaProfix is a scam.


As they say, is available for limited time only. Is it really “limited”? They also have a backward counter of 14 minutes on their website. So, you have only 14 minutes to lose or grab this offer. Of course, that’s a fake counter, because even if you reach at zero, you can still signup with it. Why would they give up with anyone who’s willing to lose money through them! And even if you reach to 0 and try to leave, it will display you a message “Don’t miss out our limited time offer. Be a part of our ever growing Mega Profix community!” That’s unlimited, isn’t it?

They have also set up a fake “live feed” reporting the earnings of their members, just next to the counter. Just think, they’ve even not officially released yet, still they have a “live feed”, and you can notice that it’s going on repeating itself over and over again. When you will enter the website, the screen will display: “Matthew J. just started auto-trading.” The next one is “Sara earned $4895.44.” Then, “Matthew K. just joined the trading robot.” “Robert earned $9, 22.93″, Etc. Just refresh the webpage and you’ll see how these things keep on repeating itself. We think that these proofs are enough to say that is a scam. But we still haven’t finished yet.

At the bottom of the site, you can find the logos of CNN, BBC and CBA channels. The creators of the MegaProfix believe that their scams are displayed on these TV network. We did a search on these networks, and even you too can do the searching on them. None of them even have a word “MegaProfix”. We thought we can help them in making their materials interesting by sending our review titled “How MegaProfix tries to scam people!”

If you seriously want to trade in binary options, then please never ever sign up with the scams like MegaProfix. You should sign up with a legitimate binary options trading software only. For more reference, you can check out the Watcher’s Trusted Signal Services. Regularly check out our new blacklist that will prevent you from falling in such scams. And if you’re thinking to trade on your own, then we advise you to start with a Free Demo Account while you learn about the basics, and then move ahead with an  EU regulated broker like

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