Mike Auto Trader – Our #1 recommended program

Michael Freeman is one of the earliest real traders who created binary options his own free binary options Youtube channel. Mike’s Auto Trader, which was released in late 2014 is inspired by his years of experience in trading.

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Why I highly recommend Mike’s Auto Trader
While there are tons of other binary options products lately, Mike’s Auto Trader is still my number one choice. Why? Because of support between Michael Freeman and other members of his Facebook group. Yes, members keep sharing each others’ trading tactics and this is how making money online should be.

Reasons why you will like Mike’s Auto Trader

1. The auto trader is 100% free. Yes, you need to deposit money into a broker account to start trading, but then, Mike will use it as donations to charity.

2. No download required. This is not some BS forex EA where you need to download and then host it on the private server. Mike has tested the compatibility of this software with popular OS such as Linux, Mac OS or Windows and this software still works like a charm.

3. It doesn’t matter where you live from. USA, UK or Asia. Anyone can join his service. This is very important since lots of brokers are somewhat strict in choosing their customers.

4. The recommended brokers are regulated. So, once you deposit and profit, you can withdraw. No need to worry about scams or identity theft.

The support – Mike’s Facebook Group
Once you sign up with Mike’s Auto Trader, you’re eligible to enter his Facebook group. These are the reasons why Mike’s Facebook group is the best one in the industry so far:

1. Mike’s Group on Facebook is the only binary options service where members can receive cash rewards when they contribute something useful to the group, result, technique etc. You will get paid $200 immediately via Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire. All you need to do is post 5 ITM trades inside the group’s wall so the traders can profit from your signals.

2. This guy is not greedy. This is not Signal Push software (yes, I already tried Signal Push before and lose lots of money). This is not another fake auto trader.

3. The most important part is, members keep supporting each other within this group. They are just like a family. Everyone from various parts of the world keep supporting each other in that group sharing their technical analysis and methods that made them 88%, even 100% ITM from one time to another.

4. The Facebook group is not a ghost town where lots of fake users are created. No. This is actually a real group with lots of real traders. You can see their ITM and results are posted from time to another inside it.

4. You don’t need to sign up with multiple brokers. Just one broker is enough. I hate software like Option Bot or Signal Push where you need to keep signing up with lots of brokers just to user their service.

5. No need to pay for monthly service or something. This is free for good.

6. WARNING about the latest binary options scam. Yes, if you are so afraid to get scammed online, you should consider joining this group. Why? Because every now and then, Mike will expose these scams to his customers.

Verdict about Mike’s Auto Trader
My final verdict is Mike’s Auto Trader is not a scam. In fact, if you are looking for a real product, without using fake actors, cheap fiverr testimonials and clearly created by marketers/scammers, Mike’s Auto Trader is the first one you should go after.

Visit Mike’s Auto Trader – MikesAutoTrader.com