Moneta Method is a SCAM!!!

Many of our visitors inquired about Moneta Method in last few days, it looks like we got a new scam in the market! This is not at all a positive review, it’s warning to all! Your inboxes are flooded with the irritating emails that convince you to join their system and become a “lucky beta tester”, but believe us people, they’re all lie. This is the most common sales trick used by every marketer and it does become effective but something like this one is not at all trustworthy. The new Moneta Method Scam is nothing more than a joke on the binary options to this so-called software by Stanley Williams. This name is too common but we did not find anything on Google about him relating to this crap.

What makes “Special Video Message” so special? We have already seen lots of such videos with exactly same script and same voice actors. They just change a bunch of words and you get a new scam! All such scams like Moneta is doing nothing except harming the reputation of binary options industry. Please stay away from MonetaMethod, it’s not worth trusting. You’ll lose all your money. Please help us to make people aware about this scam by sharing with as many people as you can and by commenting on this review. This will help others to know that this is nothing more than a deception.


Did you notice on the website, the statements like “Recently Laura Knowles joined us as a beta-tester”? Below you can see the LIVE results Laura is making right NOW” Does this mean that anyone can produce a flawless ITM performance?

A “miracle” performance by Laura! But does this mean that everyone will get 100% ITM?

Well, there was something different about, as they do not promise you of making millions in a month or something that’s too rubbish. But we still managed to recognize the fake actors in the video. If you have a positive review on Moneta Method Review, then you might want to reconsider your review after knowing about their lies. For example, their so-called members like “Nancy Meyer”, “Patrick Harper” and “Gerald Richards” are paid actors. Do you know that they even did not spare dead ones? They used the picture of a dead woman with the name “Joyce Mitchell”, simply disgusting right? Now, can you please tell us Stanley that why did you used the picture of a dead woman to promote your Binary trading software? You have done an excellent job of picking the first few pictures of the beta testers from the, but the picture of a dead lady is not at all a good pick.

If you’re a newbie to the binary option or online trading, then you should never go for campaigns sent to you via emails and do not fall for over-night blogs which posts positive reviews for all new binary option software. You’ll notice that very few websites would write positive reviews and advertise the scams like Moneta Method. No website with authenticity would ever promote such scams. We find it hard to believe that any legitimate broker would ever tie up with such people who do nothing except stealing money from the people. If such scams have any broker, then they’re also fake. Any sensible person can predict that the people associated with such scams are frauds too like them. Any reputed broker would not work with such scams, especially the EU regulated brokers and even the legitimate brokers.

If you’re new to binary field, then you need to take every step very cautiously. It’s of course worth and fun to become a full day binary trader but you should not forget that there are many advertisers who are always ready to take the benefit of your enthusiasm and will only lead you to pitfalls. Before starting, you can spend few days on trading with Free Demo Account. Once, you become fully aware about the binary trading, then you can join with a fully EU regulated broker. You can also check Watcher’s recommended brokers like TopOption and AnyOption. And if you’re interested in some real software other than the fake ones like Moneta Method, you can then check our recommended Binary Options Signals.

Let’s put this scam out of the business line. Please comment on our review on the scam Moneta Method and share your reviews too. You can also send us your query, and we’ll be happy to assist you on such scams.
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