Monte Carlo Method is a stupid SCAM!

Monte Carlo is a scam which was released on 17th August, 2015. Hence, we recommend you to read this review before signing up with that scam. As the creators of the Monte Carlo says, you can make $231,302 in just 14 days and $16,521 in a day! Will you believe this?

The voice over actor in the Monte Carlo Method says that “I’ll bet I know what you’re thinking. Here goes another video telling me how I could be making thousands of dollars a day with the click of a mouse.” Oh, so you actually know what we’re thinking?! Then you must know what we think about you scammers! Do we need to still continue this review? Let’s look at the evidence Monte Carlo creators have got for us. There’s nothing shown in the video except their software. They simply log into the software once in a day, for continuous five days and then they show us the money that gets to grow bigger and bigger with each day. We don’t need to say that it’s fake.

They keep on telling “only a select lucky few like you are ever going to get a chance to experience this opportunity in action.” Unfortunately many such “lucky ones” have fallen for this scam who didn’t know about the Watcher’s review on this scam. It’s too bad for such lucky people as they have got lucky but only in losing money! Please share this review with as many people as possible so that they don’t fall for this scam and we’ll also like you to comment on this review.


Like other scams, this too has a fake testimonial. The creator of the Monte Carlo says “What if I developed a method where I only made money when my clients made money?” Can we please know who your clients are? Surely they’re the scam brokers that will be connected to your account. Please don’t forget that if you sign up with this free software, you’ll still be depositing money in it and will work with some of the worst brokers in the Binary options. And even if you try to withdraw, you’ll be never able to connect with your broker or any member of the Monte Carlo.

The Monte Carlo is completely scam. If you are serious about making money with binary options, we highly recommend that you read about our top rated product, Mike’s Auto Trader.