Profit Genius is a SCAM!

A new service named by Henry Goldman was launched on September 7th, 2015 and we have already received many inquires to review it. Profit Genius is Binary Options trading software which claims to earn you $563 and $3,225 every day. So, if you too received a mail from this saying “This ‘hands-free’ auto-wealth software has JUST released and only 35 people worldwide will be accepted” or “If you don’t make over $15,000 in profits by 2016 you will get all your money back. Go now and get FREE access before it this offer expires,” please read this review before signing up. We’ll prove you that Profit Genius is nothing but a scam which will whip off your money. Be practical and not “genius”. Don’t sign up with the Profit Genius scam!

The moment you enter the Profit Genius, you can say that it’s scam. Check this: They claim that there are currently 465 beta testers on Profit Genius, 164,781 trades placed with total profits for members of $1,678,891, and 1,003 live visitors. These figures will keep on increasing as long as you stay on the website. Why did we tell you about this? Just keep these figures in your find and we’ll tell at the end of the review that how it helped us to prove that Profit Genius is a scam.


Did you notice the fake live feed with title “What are our visitors saying?” Just below that you’ll find a text box where you can write your comment. But they even ask you to provide your email and the name. This is a way to trick you for giving them your email address so that even if you don’t sign-up they still can send you their promotional mails. Even we tried to leave a comment, but it seems that visitors’ comments are not displayed, why? So that someone like us don’t rip them apart! The comments like “today was my bestest day so far. Total profits: $3874. Winning trades: 44. Losing trades: 2,” are obviously bogus too! It seems that the designers of the scam have used their brains to make their website look more authentic by including neutral comments like “Does this really works? I mean the whole working at home stuff? Has anyone tried?”But they forgot to change names. For example, a person named Joyce Ramirez says “Even though I was not very pleased ordering online didn’t want to miss out on this offer, Great service and many thanks for the information, I have gone and ordered.” on September 7th, 2015 at 21:32:51. The same and exact comment appeared on the website again with the name Kathy Reed on September 7th, 2015 at 21:30:15.

Do you remember the stats of Profit Genius we talked previously? Well, by now the numbers of beta testers increased to more than 800 and live visitors increased from 1,003 to 5,000. Not only this, there was over 3,000 trades taken during the time we stayed on, and the profits of the members increased to almost $100,000! Does this mean that Profit Genius is extremely viral and profitable software? Not at all! How about taking a walk of five minutes and return to the website after closing it? You’ll see the same stats when you first logged on the website. This whole website is bogus. We hope that we have convinced you, through this short article, that Profit Genius by Henry Goldman is a scam!

Please, do not sign up with the! Profit Genius is fraudulent software and Henry Goldman is a scammer or thief, unless an imaginative made-up character by its creator. This does not mean that all the binary option trading software is a scam. There are many people out there who are not making any money even through automated signal service and manual trading signals. You can check our Watcher’s recommended signals and communities to know more about authentic services and communities. You should not forget that you can always start trading with a Free Demo Account initially, so that you don’t lose your money and will help you to find out whether binary option is for your or not. If you want to sign up with a binary options broker, always choose the broker who is fully EU regulated and reputable one like and

Please write your views and comments if you have tried Profit Genius and also if you have any queries!

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