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On April 24, 2017
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Profits Infinity 2.0 is actually a fake binary options trading app. While anyone can make money with binary options, too bad, you cannot do so with this app. We highly recommend that you stay away from this product.

Profits Infinity 2.0 is a complete scam app for binary options and we are ready to review and fully exposed this dangerous auto trading app. If you think that you are going to make up to $3,000 per day with Profits Infinity 2.0, then you are completely mistaken. That is just another hype to sell another binary options software. 

Binary options – what is it?
Unless you live under the rock, you should realise that people already making money online with both stock market trading and currency trading, known as forex trading. In forex trading, for example, you need to set the stop loss, take profit and gather as many pips as possible by using the same amount of capital known as margin.

Binary options, on the other hand, is different. You don’t need to learn all those technical analysis stuff like in forex. You don’t need to know about taking profit or stop loss. But yes, there is a risk in this business model. 

For example, let say you think that the asset EURUSD is going up after one hour, then simply select the amount that you want to trade, let say, $10 and then choose call. Otherwise, if you think that this asset is going down, then choose put. If your prediction is right, you will earn $18. In other words, you will get back the $10 plus profit, paid by the binary broker. Otherwise, if you are wrong, then, you will lose all $10. While some people might think that forex is better, actually it depends. Sometimes binary options is easier than forex or stock market. 

Enter Profits Infinity
The Profits Infinity software is created by a chap named Mark Bramovich. It claims that you can make up to $3000 per day with this program. That is actually just another hype to promote and sell you this product. And then, there are more fake claims at the web form of this website, such as zero losses since 2014. This statement might differ depending on your browser. Now, let’s get real here. If you are into trading for 2 minutes, there is no way you can achieve that kind of success. There is no auto trading software that can guarantee zero losses for its users. 

Did you know that you need to deposit money into the recommended broker?
One of the most common traits of this scam is the fact it is advertised for free, but in order to trade, you need to deposit real money from a valid credit card into the recommended broker. We don’t know about you, but in our case, we are directed to an unregulated broker. 

You might not know this, but there’s a huge difference between a real, regulated binary options broker and unregulated ones. A regulated broker is licensed, meaning that once you’ve deposited money into the trading account, you can withdraw back, no questions asked. Unregulated ones are different. Even if you are able to withdraw, it will be lots of hassle to negotiate with the broker. 

Another problem with software like this is the fact you are not provided with a free demo account. Yes, trading with a robot or software is already risky, but trading without testing it on a demo account is even riskier. A real trading robot must allow you to test the strategies and settings with a demo account first. As a new trader, you cannot avoid from making mistakes and that’s where a demo account comes into play. 

$300 Bonus Trap
The $300 welcome bonus is provided for all members registering with While this might sound generous, but in reality, bonus is a trap for beginners who know nothing about online trading. For one thing, by adding more bonus into your account, you will double up your capital for free, but in the end that will make you overconfident and trade carelessly. You might want to invest too big for every single trade that will double your risk. 

Another bonus trap is the fact that newbies don’t realise that these bonuses are not for free. You need to trade several times in order to withdraw your fund. This is actually one of the most common tactics used by binary options brokers to avoid clients from refunding their money. 

What is inside the Profits Infinity 2.0 dashboard?
We are unable to reach the dashboard of this app due to a technical problem, but we can see some of the settings in the main video. The left section of this software, which is pulled from the main video, is quite similar to other software we’ve seen in the past. It is designed so simple that anyone can understand this program in 2 minutes, but that is just the beginning. Once you’ve started the auto trading feature, this program will start to trade for you and then in most cases, you will lose money quickly. 



Our verdict – This is just not worth for your time and money
We highly recommend that you stay away from Profit Infinity 2.0 and other similar binary options scams in the past. The next time you want to choose a real, working binary options, please, find a software that can be tested on a demo account first, before you even depositing real money on the line. In case you don’t know what a demo account is, it is actually a trial version of the trading platform where you will be given fake money to trade until you see positive results with one particular software or strategies. 

Also, unless you have more experience in trading please avoid from taking bonus offer from binary brokers. That is actually just for experienced traders, but not for newbies. 

Alternatives to Profits Infinity 2.0
There’s a few trading software that can do the same, even more than Profits Infinity does. Even better, it is actually free to try with a demo account first, so no doubt, you can make mistakes and loses as much free money as you can with a demo account until you are ready to trade with you hard earned cash. For more information, check out our #1 recommended software here, Option Robot. Otherwise, feel free to check our top recommended list


Profits Infinity 2.0 is actually a fake binary options trading app. While anyone can make money with binary options, too bad, you cannot do so with this app. We highly recommend that you stay away from this product.