Rich Mom is a SCAM!! (Leanna Pareja aka “Maria Lopez”)

A little note here: The actor Leana Pareja already apologize for her mistakes here in this blog and Binary Options Watchdog. So, let’s forget this product already. 

On August 6th, 2015 a new was released in the market. We liked its funny lines. Women in main characters are usually not seen in the scams, but whom can you expect in one with name Rich Mom except a woman? The is represented by “Maria Lopez”. From the beginning itself Maria displays her bank accounts with millions balance and her broker account too. They’re fake, all of them. And guess how we found that? Not a herculean task at all! Maria Lopez is an actor hired by the scammers of Rich Mom. You can check her on the Leanna Pareja’s (Maria Lopez) chic advertisement for Harley Davidson in October 2012.

“Maria Lopez” is a Colombian girl from Southern California, who is now an actor and a former model. Her real name is Leanna Pareja. You can also see her in “The Jerk Theory” and “Dallas” movies and in other movies and TV series. You might then recognize her quickly. Even you can hire her for your commercials or join her on her Facebook via ( or on her homepage (, to praise her for her beauty.

Her complete profile can be checked on She has also travelled to Ethiopia, Egypt and South America for helping poor people as a philanthropist. It’s too unfortunate for her to join this scam.


In Rich Mom video, “Maria Lopez” says “I’m not trying to sell you anything so you can go ahead and put your credit card away.” That’s the most common line you find in all scams. We wonder that do such scams have a book titled “How to create a scam” or they’re having some instruction manual with same instructions for all the scammers. Then, they show fake bank accounts, testaments and all the images that will hypnotize you to invest the money by signing up with them.

The bottom of the site has a column where they have mentioned all the names of their members and the amount they earned through Rich Mom software. The funny part about them is that even if you visit the page after two minutes, the names will appear in the same order of Lael, Shaina, Octavia, Shara…. but with different amount each time. Not cool, right? And like most other scams, they too have a backward counter page with name “Licenses Left” at the bottom of the page. And by the time you reach till the end of the page, they’ll be left with 0 copy of the software. But don’t worry you can still sign up with them. And if you refresh the page, you’ll be spared with 20 copies again. So you should know that this is a scam like every other in the market who’ll pressurize you to make decision of signing up with them quickly so you don’t get time to give it a second thought.

We have all our sympathy for the “Maria Lopez” aka Leanna Pareja for the proofs we found and we finally concluded without any efforts that Rich Mom is a scam! Nope, you won’t become a Rich Mom by using this software. Even the brokers they hire are fakes too! If you really want to trade binary options for profits, then you’ll need a legit broker and a trusted signal service. Check the Watcher’s recommended services. We also recommend you to start with a Free Demo Account instead of investing whole.

Also please don’t forget to write comments and suggestions on Rich Mom scam. You can even share your experience if you have been through the Rich Scam and we’ll love to solve your queries too.
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