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On May 18, 2017
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Rio Profits is just another remake software of Tesler App, which was released a few months ago. There is no control over your budget, and there is no other settings to make you the money.

Rio Profits is just another remake or should we say imitation of Tesler App, a scam binary options software that’s just gone viral. Other than professional looking videos and testimonials, there is nothing special about the Rio Profits software.

A little bit about binary options trading, in case you are new
The fact that you are almost fallen into the Rio Profits trap, means that you are new to binary options, or make money online. Just like being mentioned above, Rio Profits is actually a binary options software. Binary options is a new trading system where you can make money by just choosing call or put.

For example, let say you think that the asset, EURUSD is going up, then simply choose call. If you think that this asset is going down, then choose put. And then, let say you choose to trade $10 for this asset. If your prediction is correct, then you will gain $18. In other words, the binary options broker will pay you $8 for making the right decision. Otherwise, if your prediction is wrong, then you will lose all $10.

It is not gambling or something like that, by the way, since you have things to manipulate and win the trade, such as charts or perhaps market news. However, yes it requires skill, knowledge or perhaps some kind of software to help.

Can you earn $237 per hour with Rio Profits?
If you look at the Rio Profits app, you probably want to believe that you will be making $200 per hour with this system. The big question here is, can you really earn that kind of money? The short answer is no. Yes, it is possible, but you have to bet a huge amount of money for each hour and get ready to lose lots of money per day.

Rio Profits website

The good news is, Rio Profits is “free” but with a catch
Yes, if you entered your name, email and a real phone number into the website, you can access the dashboard of Rio Profits software for free. In case you are wondering, we even have the screenshot of the member’s area. The popup prevents us from seeing the entire member’s area, but as you can see, it is actually quite similar to the Tesler App, which was being reviewed before in this blog.

Fake testimonials of Rio Profits
If you scroll down the Rio Profits website, you will see lots of testimonials of this software. Believe us, all the testimonials are just fake and the images there are actually pulled from other websites, selling free photos. In other words, those are not even the real customers of this system. They are just images or photos pulled from certain websites and then being made just looks like real customers.

There is no app on Google Play or Apple App Store
Again, if you scroll down the Rio Profits website, you can see that this system is being advertised as available on Google Play or App Store. However, if you clicked on the Google Play link, you will be directed to the sign-up page of this software.

What if you want to withdraw from the broker account?
Another fact that we need to highlight here is Rio Profits is recommending an unregulated binary options broker. This is important since people who are surfing this site times and times again keep contacting us on how to get a refund from a get rich quick system like this.

If you are new to trading forex or binary, there is a huge difference between a regulated binary broker and the unregulated ones. Regulated binary options broker allows anyone who deposited money into their company to withdraw. Yes, they are licensed and usually the license numbers as well as the government agencies who gave them the license will be mentioned on the about page of their website.

On the other hand, unregulated binary brokers are not even licensed. Therefore, if you already depositing real money into the broker account, then you have to say goodbye to your hard earned cash. You can try contacting the broker, but then good luck with that.

Verdict – do we recommend Rio Profits?
Of course not. This is not even a real system that works. It is actually just another binary options system to promote a new binary broker. If you want to make real money with Rio Profits, this is not the system that you should go for.

Alternatives to Rio Profits

We highly recommend that you go for Option Robot or at least one of the software being listed in our recommended list. For a few reasons:

  • Demo accounts. Option Robot can be tested on a demo account first before you even putting real money on the line. You might not know this, but almost all legit binary options and forex brokers come with a real, working demo account. A demo account is a trial version of trading account where you will be given fake money to test the strategies or robots for one month or two before putting real money on the line. In other words, if the software or system works on a demo account, then it will be safe for you to deposit and then trade with a real account. Make sense?
  • The ability to choose your own trading settings. Any experienced trader will always choose the right settings to trade. There are tonnes of indicators when comes to stock or forex trading. The same goes for binary options. Different indicators will produce different results and therefore, you need to choose the best setting according to your budget, trading time etc.
  • The ability to choose your own broker. Option Robot doesn’t just work with one or two brokers. You can choose any broker within the system and start trading. And yes, you can try those on a demo account first. If you don’t like one particular binary broker, then you can move on to another.

For further details, you can check out our Option Robot review or the official Option Robot website.

Rio Profits is just another remake software of Tesler App, which was released a few months ago. There is no control over your budget, and there is no other settings to make you the money.