Safe Income review – Is it a scam?

This product is no longer recommended.

The fact that you are entering Safe Income by Albert J Henderson in search engines, meaning that you are looking whether this software is worth for your time or money or not. This is quite normal since there are so many scams all over the web. After a little testing and research, we at Verified Trader concludes that Safe Income is really safe and not a scam. As a matter of fact, this software has been endorsed by lots of trusted binary options sites and the creator, Albert J Henderson even approach some of these review sites owners to test this software. Please note that this is Safe Income review. Click here to visit the homepage.

In case you are new, Safe Income is about binary options
There are tons of ways to trade, such as stock market, forex trading or perhaps binary options. Binary options is simply trading based on time. For instance, let say you think that the price is going up for the next one hours, so choose call. Otherwise, if you think that it is going down, then choose put.

Your risk is actually all the amount invested in one single trade. If you choose to trade USD100, then if you make the right prediction, you will gain $185 (that is your initial capital + profit paid by broker). Otherwise, you will lose all $100. Yes, in terms of calculations, it sounds that you have a slim chances to win, and that’s why honest traders such as Albert J Henderson created Safe Income software.

The test results
So far, Safe Income produces at least 90% winning rate compared to regular binary options software. Also, the websites really demonstrate on how Safe Income works and there is no fake actors or screenshots there. All the results produces are for real.

This is actually a free trial software
Most legit software that we came across offer some kind of free trial to their users. Yes, this is quite normal since you cannot expect them to be free forever.

The arbitrage strategy – this is risk free strategy
This is actually a method used by pro traders. This one is a unique trading style because it guarantees that you can trade well without exposing your initial capital to risks. This method is quite similar to forex trading. You would always present itself and that is because of the pricing deficiencies.

Make money on auto-pilot
While it sounds too good to be true, but yes, you can make money with this software on auto-pilot. You can easily use the auto trading feature but still make the same amount of money, perhaps even more than what most manual traders made. Just set the system to auto-pilot and then let it to do the rest of your work. Just check your account balance once per day, in case you might want to withdraw.

User friendly software
The user area of Safe Income is super easy to navigate. You can use this app without much difficulties. You can easily take a quick trading decision with this system and then it is configured in a style that you and other users can easily control.


Pros of Safe Income
1. You will get explained on how this system works and the trading strategies
2. User friendly interface.
3. No hype and honest video sales letter.
4. Free to try and trade.
5. Make money even while you are on vacation, sleeping or doing something else.
6. Save the time to learn about trading stock or forex from scratch.
7. Can you make $500/day with Safe Income software? Short answer, yes. In fact, you can earn even more with this software.

Cons of Safe Income software
1. A little investment is required after certain period of time, so this is not about free money.
2. There is some kind of risk and this product cannot guarantee 100% winning rate, so it is better that you set the risk settings to minimum.
3. A broker registration is required, so make sure that you fill in the right phone number and email before your order can be process.
4. This software won’t make lots of traders unlike Copy Buffett software, but still the risk is quite low.

Verdict about Albert J Henderson Safe Income – This is NOT a scam
If you are looking for ways to make fast income online, Safe Income program is the one that you are looking for. Without doubt, this software can make you money on auto-pilot and then you can withdraw right to your credit card or bank account in less than one week. While there could be lots of scams all over the web, Safe Income is not one of them.

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