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Review of: Tesler App 2

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On July 13, 2017
Last modified:July 13, 2017


Tesler App 2, is just another fake binary options software. This is actually a relaunched of the previous version of Tesler App, where you will be given fake signal service.

The fact that you are looking on the internet for the Tesler App review, means that you are not aware that this is actually a scam. Tesler App 2 (tesler-app.cc) is just another rebranded version of the TeslerApp software. We had exposed about this software a few months before to our readers in this post

This week, this software had been released again to the web, and before you fall into a binary options scam, we want to warn you that this product is not going to make you money, let alone $237 per hour like being mentioned on the website. 

How the Tesler App 2 works?
You might already know this, but the Tesler App 2 (website is tesler-app.cc) is actually about binary options trading. This is actually a real way to make money online, because yes, by using binary options broker, anyone can earn money by simply choosing call or put. 

While people who can make a ton with binary options do exist, but there is nobody that can make money with the Tesler App 2 software. The reason is simple – because this software doesn’t provide you any real signal plus it is recommending an unregulated binary options broker. 

Want to see what’s inside the Tesler App?
In case you are wondering, we actually have access to the Tesler App 2 software. Yes, like being mentioned on the website, this software can be accessed for free, that is by entering your name, email and phone number into the form.

Once you are inside, this pop-up appears and keep you from seeing the real member’s area of TeslerApp software. You need to deposit money into the recommended broker, that is Options Star Global. 

Did you deposit money into the broker account already? Good luck getting your money back
We found out that there are many people who searched on the web trying to get their money back after being scammed by software like these. Too bad, in most cases, their attempt fail. For a simple reason – Tesler App and Tesler App 2 don’t recommend regulated binary options brokers. 

We have checked on the net and found that Options Star Global is actually not a regulated broker. In other words, once your money is inside, you cannot withdraw them out. In case you didn’t know, regulations mean that you have some kind of license to operate a business. 

You can think about it this way – if you want to operate a retail business or shop in your home country, you need to get the permission from the local government before you can process payment and collect money from your customers. There are thousands of regulated binary options and forex brokers out there. Usually, they will provide you with some kind of free trial version of trading account, known as the demo account. (More about this later). 

Regulated brokers will refund your money, unregulated ones does not

A real regulated binary options broker will refund your money once it is inside. However, unregulated binary brokers don’t. Too bad this Tesler App 2 software doesn’t recommend a regulated binary options broker. In our case, we were sent to the Options Star Global website. However, it will vary depending on your geographic locations. 

This is actually not really free
Another problem with software like these is the fact you cannot test the performance of this software on a trial version of trading account, known as the demo account. In case you are new to trading, a demo account is actually testing ground where you can put the signal service or binary options robot into practice for a month or two before switching to a real account. 

In a demo account, you will be given thousands of dollars of fake money, so you can lose or win as much as you can before depositing money into a real account. One big problem with Tesler App 2 software is they want you to deposit money only to a real account, and not to try this app first on a demo account, which is very risky for any newbies out there. A real forex and binary options broker must provide a demo account first before their traders start putting real money on the line.

Verdict: Tesler App 2 (tesler-app.cc) is not recommended
Based on these points, the Tesler App is not recommended by us. There are way too many cases out there where people depositing money into these fake brokers only to find out that they had been scammed and cannot get their money back. We don’t think anyone can make real money from this Tesler App and let alone generate $237 per hour with this software. This is actually just a cheap attempt to promote an unregulated binary options broker.

What if I still want some kind of software similar to Tesler App 2?

There’s plenty of software out there that can help, but we find out for beginners, the Option Robot is the best. For several reasons:

  • This software can be synced with a demo account and a regulated binary options broker. In other words, you can test this robot on a trial version mode (the demo account), and then make sure that this software works properly first, before putting the real money on the line. 
  • This app recommends regulated binary options broker. Unlike the Tesler App 2 software, the Option Robot software is different. You can test and deposit money into legit, regulated binary options broker. 
  • With Option Robot software, you will have more control over your budget and profit. You can control the risk, the maximum amount that you can put per trade and even better, this software also come with settings such as indicators where you can test and tweak first, in order to get the best winning rate. 
  • The interface of the Option Robot is pretty straight forward and this is actually suitable for newbies. 

For more details, you can refer to our Option Robot review here, or you can sign up for a demo account on the official optionrobot.com website. 

Tesler App 2, is just another fake binary options software. This is actually a relaunched of the previous version of Tesler App, where you will be given fake signal service.