The GPS Forex Robot is not a SCAM! An Honest Review!!

Forex services are usually not under our league, as we focus mainly on exposing Binary options scams. But today we decided to review GPS Forex Robot system. The name itself mentions about its authenticity, we too have no reasons to call GPS Forex Robot a scam. We do have proofs to support our review. But we still have few productive criticisms for them. Let’s be straight, the pitch video of the GPS Forex Robot is terrible! The voice actor in the video sounds like most other voice-over actors which are extremely shady! Why do you need to push people to sign-up with you by lying about the number of memberships left? It’s obvious that you guys are not going to close down so soon but unfortunately this tactic may put off serious traders who are looking for a genuine Forex Robot.

So, why did we conclude that GPS Forex Robot is not a scam?

We often see many products and service entering and leaving, but reputation is something that takes years of work to get stronger place among these. It’s too fragile and might even break within no time if you’re a scammer! The fact about the GPS Forex Robot is that it was started by Mark Larsen, a true Forex Guru, since the year 2006, the time when the binary option industry was just born. You’ll find traders documenting for years on Check this out to know what we’re trying to say about the real verified results: Mark Larsen is not a actor who you can be sure of; in fact he’s a very well renowned mentor in the Forex Industry. The creators of this robot are Anthony and Ronald, the same guys who have launched the new Gold Digger binary options software (Is Gold Digger a scam?), that we reviewed on our Watcher’s and we haven’t still got any negative feedback on this one, though not enough to give a final verdict.

If you haven’t heard about, then you should know that it’s one of the largest Forex portals in the world since ten years. They offer forums, unbiased reviews and live charts that are mainly associated with Forex brokers and system. We did study this website carefully and we can say that it’s trustworthy. They don’t promote any scams on this portal. You don’t need a broker registration to sign-up with; you simply need to pay $149 as one-time fee for purchasing it. It’s much cheaper compared to the yearly documented performance and hence you don’t need to pay lump sum amount of money like $100’s or $1000’s of dollars to trade with this software. It’s easy for the new traders and suitable for even savvy traders. And if you’re not satisfied with the service, you get an offer of 60 days money back guarantee.


Few forums and blogs that endorse the GPS Forex Robot in positive way:,, We did find more but they’re not authorized and do not offer credible information.

Mark Larsen is a reliable person in the Forex industry and who created a winning Forex system that provides stable performance over the time. He’s the owner of few blogs and services like Forex EA Lab, Forex Tester and Forex Systems Reviews. He’s even associated with Anthony and Ronald who are the founders of the new binary options system. We would definitely advise you to check out this software, if you’re really interested in trading Forex and you can also check out our review posted on GoldDigger.Trade, and share your views. Did Anthony and Ronald succeed in finding a new way of trading commodities? You’re the judge! Is the GPS Robot as profitable as the FX traders claim?

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