The Millionaire Bot is a SCAM!

Short review – what is The Millionaire Bot? claims to be an autopilot software that lets its users to make up to $13K per day. That’s sounds real right?

Advertised price – free

The creator claims that the software is free to use. Well, while it is free to register, actually, in order to use it, you need to deposit into the recommended broker account. That is at least $250. And then, the software will start auto trade for you.


Can The Millionaire Bot makes you money?

Short answer, no. This product had been relaunched again and again in the past. There’s so many victims to this scam and then due to the hype, people keep searching for this product from time to another. I also keep getting request from buyers to write review about The Millionaire Bot.  Yes, over hype products keep getting lots of searchers from time to another.

Another same boring marketing tactics

  1. The number of spots are limited. Once you try to navigate away from the website, you will get a pop up message saying that you have been chosen to try the free system that will make you $13000 guaranteed.
  2. The actors, those are the couples at The Millionaire Bot website can be found at Yes, you can hire anyone to give fake testimonials at just $5 at these days. Click here to view the fiverr gig.


3. Fake bank account statement. The dates of The Millionaire Bot statements are dated back in 2013 and 2014. Now, if this system is as good as it claims, why should the account statement is dated back in 2013?

I am not going to go more into details about this scam since lots of my subscribers and readers already aware of these marketing tactics.

How to find out whether the product is not a scam or not:

  1. Just do a simple Google search. If you can find the company name, which was suppose to be an investing company, then it is a legit product. For instance, Citidel Ltd is like this. If you Google for keyword Citidel Ltd, you can find the real company name, Citadel Ltd.
  2. The product or trading software sometimes appears on Google Play. Google Play is very strict and not to mention safe at least for now.
  3. If none of the above meets the criteria, you need to find social proof, such as real Facebook account, real Facebook group and so on. Mike’s Auto Trader also meets this criteria.