The Millionaires Maker is a SCAM!

Starting on with this review, we clear all your doubts about The Millionaires Maker- Yes! It is a SCAM, grimy swindle. They rob every penny you devote into this cranky free scheme. This review will scan you through their filthy tricks and do strike some alarming warnings. The bogus video on the homepage of is a complete patchwork done by some paid actor, who try to fascinate you with their experiences- making dollars every day with this enthral software. Fake testimonies by the people (actors to be more precise) like $5,100 in two hours, $7000 in a day…..and $1,001,452 in bank account are some mucky claims by people who apparently benefited by this fraud software and making dollars on their system.

Todd Salerno, is the suspected CEO of this spurious site:, since you cannot find him anywhere in the video or anywhere else to claim his testimonies, as he does not exist. Watching the video give you same feeling like any other fraud scam, all the story staring from system development to testimony try to entice you and the word “free system” brings all our senses to hold. Following this review sounds similar to other scams, with the story of group of members making millions through this system and founders are looking for another beta group to test their system. Once all the place are filled, you will be left out to experience this amazing chance of making millions on your system. Mr Salerno claims that spots are limited and would be filled up in few days or in hours, so Hurry Up. What a stupid pun! In the real world they are never gone.  These clones never leave you, until you stop browsing their grubby site, they continuously try to entice you every now and then with their promising financial independence testimony and pictures of your dream house and cars. Hearing the lines like “astonishing opportunity to retire young and live life millionaire way” not new from these fake sites. Claims put together on this bogus site are not new to any of us, yet you can find quick and strong evidence to prove that this is nothing but a rat trap, once you enter it is impossible to leave without harsh wounds.


You could notice same actor claiming testimony for this site as in another Aussie Method binary option site. Yes that too is a Scam!

Like you me too have craving desire for financial freedom and that’s where these two sided angles appears in our lives to manipulate and rule our senses. Their too good vicious promises and screenshots of testimonials on social media is the clear sign that you are browsing on fake website- it is a complete Scam! Why would any honest website show testimonial proofs from tweeter (that actually does not exist)? On further searcher all you strike on are some more warning related to this scam-shocking right! And did you notice Facebook screenshot- quite stupid- you will only see some messed up testimony with first name only and many other mistake which could be easy strike out by any Facebook user, which apparently make that Facebook screenshot some silly joke. Look for feedback section on website anyone of you could sort out which one is real and which is fraud.

Lee Collin our verified user who claims that he earn $216,785 from this system, is not a real profile user. His profile picture is taken from Google+ and that to belong to Gerri Freeman, foolish mistake Ahhh! So now if you are still browsing this website, close it! It is a striking alarm to save you from investing your valuable dollars in this scam. This whole system is some crooked plan.

Now you must be feeling all cheated as with our evidence on this Scam…you must be! Yet it does not says that you should give up on binary trading. Supposedly, it is not magic to earn millions, yet it is not impossible, with your smart plans and decisions you can make money and of course with proper guidelines in technical analysis trading. Start your journey with Free Demo Account and after getting experience in free binary trading, beginning with your real money search one of the EU-regulated broker, like or any of the watcher’s Trusted Brokers. Go through the watcher’s Recommended Signal Services to choose services which best suits you.

If you are a victim of The Millionaire Maker and find yourself deceived share with us in our feedback section or you want to clear any suspicious doubt about any scam, you can ask us in the comment below this review. Be aware about this scam and do make your friends known about this before they get themselves trap in this mucky scam. Don’t get any closer to this ridiculous system.

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