The Open Source Spy SCAM!!

Open Source Spy is released on August 4th, 2015 and is a scam for binary trading options. It was so obvious that it’s a scam that we did not give it a try even. It says that they generated $3,260,982 on the first day itself which is not at possible on the first day. Next, we always encourage our subscribers before signing up with any service to chat with the support team first so that they know there’s someone to speak with in case they have any issues. This is so easy to catch the OpenSourceSpy as it does not have any e-mail support nor it offers live chat.

The video of the OpenSourceSpy (Click on this link for the video starts with encouraging music and images to lie to you about their software. The main video starts with “Hey, can you keep a secret?” Then the voiceover actor identifies himself as Jake Miller. He says that “If you ever downloaded a piece of software from a peer-to-peer file sharing service, it’s pretty likely that you got that software because of me.” According to him, he’s a super intelligent hacker who spread this software from peer-to-peer free to everyone just like the Napster did with the music.

We hope you did not forget what happened to Napster. And we hope that same goes with the creators of the Open Source Spy scam too, because they’re just robbing you. So if you’re fortunate enough to find this review, you wouldn’t sign up for this scam.

The software of the multi-billionaire corrupted companies who “don’t need the extra cash that they basically extort from the little guys” are hacked by the “Jack Miller”, that’s what they claim. Then he simply shares it free to everybody with peer-to-peer method. He says that he “actually just acquired this program from a very successful Wall Street hedge fund. This is what they use on a daily basis to make millions of dollars from the financial markets.” So Mr. Jake Miller, then how it can be peer-to-peer? That is a normal site and it would be really easy to track down anybody who’s using this scam. Secondly, if it’s stolen from those multi-billionaire companies, then that means you’re selling a stolen product and anybody can be put behind jail for using that software. Gotcha! So Mr. Jake Miller is doing nothing but lying and cheating you.

For finishing this review, we would like to mention about a theme which is common to all the scams that we had reviewed till date. “Jake Miller” ends this video by saying there’s one last thing that I need to tell you before you get access to Open Source Spy. It’s only available for a limited time.” There’s a timer of 19 minutes on the sign-up page. We waited to see the consequences. But as expected, nothing happened! And we were able to still sign up even after 19 minutes. Hence, it’s a pretty lie to lure you to make a quick decision.

Don’t sign up ever with Open Source Spy scam. Please read this review carefully until you understand that this is scam. You’ll surely lose your money if invested in this scam. You’ll end in nothing but on a pile of lie with fake brokers. Even if you try to withdraw your money, you’ll never probably get into contact with them after that. So please don’t fall for any such scams. Invest in the Binary Trade Options carefully and securely and you can check on the Watcher too.
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