Trade Forecast review

Today we decided to review Trade Forecast, a new binary options automated service that is becoming really viral. During the last 4 weeks, our team was given a unique opportunity to try out the software when it was first made public, and so far we managed to consistently generate a very high ITM performance. Read our full review below as we explain all the ‘ins and outs’ of this powerful trading tool and most importantly, why we didn’t conclude that it’s a scam. is an automated trading system, it’s 100% synced to your binary options broker’s account, trades are provided to users on full auto pilot. This system was developed with the past 20 years worth of trading data, designed to spot repeating profitable patterns and trends. It therefore identifies these patterns and alerts the platform to execute each trade. Up until now has been able to consistently generate an 82.6% ITM win rate!

Chris Barlet, The owner of Trade Forecast has made the system available to 100 members for Beta Testing. Every trader made a profit of at least $800 a day, close to $5000 a week, resulting in a possible $300k a year! Watch the video in full, you will see a complete list of last week’s 25 traders, and more reassuringly their individual details and the actual profit amounts that they were able to generate with the software.

The Trade Forecast system will only be available free for a short period of time and as it is soon to hit the market we expect the price to increase to a staggering cost of $4997 setup fee plus a $459 monthly charge. It has also been confirmed by Goldman Sachs and Barclays, however upon its release the remainder of the market will benefit from it as well and it’s worth every dollar, even if you didn’t manage to get it at no cost.

Another reassuring fact we found while reviewing Trade Forecast, is that unlike some of the misleading offers in the market, they do not promise to make you millions in a short period of time! If your goal is to make over $800 on 100% Auto Pilot, this trading software is for you! Right now it’s still free, however Chris Barlet still benefits from each trader, as he gets a kickback of 5% from every trade the software places for you.

Final Verdict: Trade Forecast is not a Scam!

We hope you enjoyed our review on today and that we were able to prove to once again that trading binary options successfully is not a myth. Unfortunately as you all probably know by now, a lot of trading apps out there today are scams, but today we are happy to say that this is not one of them.