Verified Profits is a SCAM!!! Beware!

I received few mails in the last week about the authenticity of the new software available on the called Verified Profits Profit Product. And I was not surprised at all when I found that the Verified Profits is just like any other scams available in the market.

These scam products are always popping up like mushrooms in the every corner of the market, to trap the newbie’s in the trading market by luring them with their “double money in a night” fake promises.


Please make a note that Verified Scam is a scam by Daniel Walker.


What the Verified Profits are meant to do:

According to Daniel Walker, Verified Profits is a binary option scam that will do only profitable trades automatically on your behalf.

As per the Verified Profits video, we can make $600-$4000 every day for our entire lives, as a beta tester.

Overall, the system makes trading binary selections robotically that will aid us to make large profits in every week of the month. We just need to do simple registration to get his software free and then invest the money on his recommended brokers. The software will then make wonders for you.

What the Verified Profits System actually does               

Then Verified Profits will lose all your money until you forcefully stop the software or your money is totally lost. Even if you ask for the withdrawals from the broker, he’ll not refund you as he’ll be a con too! Frauds and cons everywhere in this system.

I can assure you of this result as I have tested this product, being a full time binary options trader. I have immense experience and knowledge on such scams and their reasons to operate in the market.

Another important point to note is that the makers of the popular scams Verified Trader and First Method are same. Yes, these cons are not new! So those who have dug up information about scams on the internet would certainly know about these types of scams and their working patterns.

Proofs that the Verified Profits System is a Scam

  1. From the Promotional Video itself:

Do you actually think that Daniel Walker and his team can earn you profits like $4000 a day and that too rest of your life?! Please people wake up! We live in real world and real world does not work like this.

These alluring statements may impress the newbie’s but any experienced or even the least known person having knowledge of trading would know that there does not exist anything such as “guaranteed or verified profits”.

You cannot accurately predict the moods of market and that too even in binary market as it is too unstable market. So, you need to rely on your instincts, knowledge and experience in such markets.

Don’t fall for binary option scams because they use the same sales pitch in their promotional videos


One of the easiest ways to catch the scam is through its promotional video and the tone used in it. You’ll often find these statements in them:

  • The app or software is free!
  • You don’t need to apply any brains.
  • Images of large bungalows, estates and famous cars.
  • We never charge anything to our customer.
  • Flashes their bank accounts with big amounts.


  1. From the Network of Scams

Verified Profit System is just like other scams available on the site. This site is the hub to such scams and always sends their users links and offers directing them to these scams.

Email is the easiest way to reach you and you may have already visited it through the email.

Clicksure is one tricky site that never allows you to ask for any kind of refunds. Once paid for the product, you’re stuck with that forever. Then only left option you have is to throw it in garbage or stop using it. The products they sell are also defective or damaged. So you’ll be cheated every time you buy something from this site. But luckily, many U.S. banks now have blacklisted this site and does not provide gateway to purchase any product from this site.

I’m not saying that Clicksure is a fake itself but they allow the fake vendors to sell products on their site and fool people like Verified Profit. And there are many such scams on it. So, they too may be scam.

Even the partners with the Clicksure are paid an attractive amount to revert the traffic on this site. Hence, they use all the possible means to force you buy the product.

  1. Finally, From the History of Similar Products

The market is full of such scams. Verified Profit is not the first one with such a scam. There are lots of scams active on the internet and many have got busted in the past too. But they again make new system with new schemes and fake promises to attract the newbie’s using every possible means and their partners.

This Verified Profit system matches 99.9% to such scams and even if you apply little brains, you can make out the difference between fake and real.

Luckily, all these scams have same working patterns that makes it lot easier to make out such scams.

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