Virtnext – the latest recommended product

VirtNext Investment LTD is a real company, behind one of the few successful auto-traders we stumbled upon! This review is very important, as you will find many scam offers in this industry. In the last 3 years we uncovered many fake offers which you will find on our BO Blacklist, the software is not one of them. In fact, after testing the software for 40 days we reached a solid conclusion that it’s not only just accurate, Virtnext is one of the most profitable services in the binary options industry.

On the VirtNext website you will find an endorsement badge by our website. If you are not familiar with us, is the top site dedicated to expose binary options scams and based on the number of warnings we posted, we are the biggest in the business of alerting the day-traders regarding misleading offers. In an industry where “bells and whistles” are necessary to get attention, had no choice but to incorporate some elements on their site and if it was up to us, would be removed. You do not need to act fast, the software will remain available for new members, it’s not a pressure money-making-scheme of any kind with annoying pop-ups.

Vincent Bollore is the CEO behind, he is a real person that you can verify. Scams often use images instead of real evidence, the creators love to hide behind fake identities.

Vincet Bollore resides in France and is a person you can verify:

In our upcoming, follow-up review on Virt Next we plan to upload live results trading with the software. The interface is completely different from what you’ve ever seen, if you’ve been testing or currently trading with a semi or fully automated service. Just to be clear, does offer full automation but you can also set a parameter which will allow you to set limitation on which trades you decide to take.

The VirtNext software is Recommended & Tested by, and verifiedtrader. It’s really one of a kind and we encourage you to test it!

Once you navigate to the second page on’s front page you will notice real news stories, and we are not referring to unknown news release sites, the VirtNext software was covered on some of the biggest media outlets in the world. The CEO is a real guy you can confirm, not a “Fiverr-made” identity. VirtNext didn’t hire a single liar from to lie on camera, instead they did what any legitimate service would do by showcasing real testimonials.

Verdict: VirtNext is a Trusted Software!

It’s not often that we post a positive review on a binary options service, as many of them are misleading but after 40 days of trading, and not seeing a drop below 76% ITM, we can empirically and beyond any reasonable doubt, break the news to the online trading community, that we’re dealing with a reliable software! This is why we strongly encourage our readers to test it out if you have plans to join a binary options signals service. VirtNext will not disappoint you, in terms of performance and the quantity of daily signals. We encourage members of the VirtNext software to share your testimonials, feedback below this review.