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Review of: Zeus 2 software
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Matthew Harrison

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On November 2, 2016
Last modified:December 3, 2016


Zeus 2 is a software that claims you can make over $10,000 today. Due to several reasons, we don't recommend this product. We highly recommend that you try a real trading robot that comes with demo account first.

Zeus2 software a new product is that is just released today and claims that you can make hundreds of dollars per hour (which should trigger a red flag to most people). While making money online is real, and it is getting bigger every year, but too bad, you cannot do it with Zeus2 app.

If you are looking for a magic, push button that will make you rich overnight (which is not possible by the way), Zeus2 is targeting people like you. On the other hand, if you want to make real money online,which requires effort, too bad you cannot achieve that with Zeus2.co. In this review, we will explain to you why.

A little bit about binary options trading
You might already know this, but Zeus2 is actually about making money with binary options trading. This is actually a simple way to trade, that is just by choosing call or put. For example, if you think that the asset, let say EURUSD is going up, then simply choose call. Otherwise, if it is going down, then choose put. People already switched to binary options over stock market or even forex trading due to its simplicity. If you trade forex, you need to deal with tons of indicators, whether free or paid ones, that you can download at certain forex sites. However, binary options are geared for newbies in trading, because you can enter position safely without having to deal with the volatility of the market.


The good thing is, Zeus2 software dashboard is free to access
Yes, all you have to do is enter any name and email in the Zeus2.co website. Then, you will be asked for your phone numbers and password. Once you do, you will be directed to Zeus2 software dashboard that looks just like this:



Zeus2 comes with a neat, live chat feature
Unlike other useless auto trading software that we’ve seen in the past, Zeus2 does have some kind of live chat system that anyone can use to get connected via their support system. We haven’t tried contacting anyone with that chat system, but even though there will be anyone answering, we doubt that this program will make you any money (more about that later).

Are you a push button software seeker? Then, Zeus2 comes with auto trading mode
In case you are looking for a software that promised you easy money on auto pilot, this software seems to fulfill the promise. Yes, as you can see at the bottom right of the dashboard area, there are several settings that you can use, such as trade volume, strength above, risk and then auto trade switch that you can trigger.


Now here comes the red flags about Zeus2 software
We have seen lots of these software in the past, and based on our experience, people keep complaining that these type of software won’t work. This is due to several reasons:

#1: You cannot control your risk or profit. You simply hand over your money to this software to trade, which is very risky. Other than the auto trading button and risk settings, there aren’t any more settings related to trading, such as the currency pairs or assets that you will be trading, as well as the related trading style or news feed.

#2: It is actually not 100% free. You need to deposit money. While you can access the member’s area for free, you cannot make the money or see how this software works, without entering your real credit or debit card numbers. A good trading software must come with a demo account first before you need to deposit real money inside the broker account.

#3: Zeus2 recommends unregulated broker and nobody can guarantee that you can withdraw your fund. The recommended broker for Zeus2 is actually NOT regulated. This is common for new trading software like this. Most likely that broker just opens their business and haven’t yet obtained a valid license from CySec or other local governments. In case you are new to binary options or forex trading, you should realize that a legit broker must be regulated.

Think about it this way. if you want to open a real business in your home country, you must have some kind of permission or license from the local government before you can start collecting money, process payment or credit cards. As a matter of fact, lots of legit online payment processors, such as Paypal, Skrill or Neteller are regulated and approved by local governments.

The same goes for online trading. If the broker is regulated, then you can withdraw your fund from the account because they need to obey the laws, even though the broker is located offshore. Otherwise, if the broker is unregulated, you will be lucky enough if they really process your withdrawal.  Zeus2 actually recommends Tradorax, which is not a regulated broker. Based on our research, Tradorax has been around for a while, but haven’t yet obtained any regulations.



Our verdict about Zeus2 software
We have seen this kind of binary options software many times in the past. In most cases, these apps are created by marketers to promote new binary brokers. Binary options are going to be one big industry in the trading world, so these new brokers are looking for customers to grow their business. While some of these brokers could be regulated and become legit companies in the future, Tradorax and Zeus2 are not regulated yet. Therefore, we highly recommend that you stay away from Zeus2 software.

If you still want to try binary options trading and use your money for your own good, we highly recommend that you try our #1 recommended software, which you can test the water first on demo account.

Zeus 2 is a software that claims you can make over $10,000 today. Due to several reasons, we don't recommend this product. We highly recommend that you try a real trading robot that comes with demo account first.